Traducción de disarmingly en español:


Pronunciación /dɪsˈɑrmɪŋli/ /dɪsˈɑːmɪŋli/


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    he smiled disarmingly at me me desarmó con su sonrisa
    • she's disarmingly frank es de una franqueza que desarma
    • The results are often, like the woman featured on the album cover, disarmingly beautiful.
    • The book is written in a disarmingly accessible manner which belies its scholarly credentials.
    • Wayne retorted instantly with a disarmingly charming grin.
    • This means that, at times, he becomes disarmingly honest.
    • "Market research should be seen with some skepticism," says Dan disarmingly.
    • To forestall this eventuality, the Federal Reserve has to continue to control inflationary expectations, as the Governor disarmingly conceded.
    • The frankness is both disarmingly welcome and a harbinger of greater honesty to come.
    • Rather disarmingly, his simple answer was that he loves it here, and prefers a back room in a seedy pub to a Broadway opening.
    • To his credit, Ryan is acutely aware of the difficulty, and is disarmingly modest about his achievement.
    • They might be exhausted but they don't let it show, remaining funny, calm and disarmingly charming.