Traducción de disaster area en español:

disaster area

zona siniestrada, n.

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  • 1

    (site of disaster)
    zona siniestrada femenino
    zona de desastre femenino
    to be declared a disaster area ser declarado zona de desastre
    • The area was declared a national disaster area, which released state funds.
    • Simply, the Guard has old, beat-up equipment, and this seriously impedes the Guard's ability to accomplish its mission - whether on the battlefield or in a disaster area.
    • At major airports a multi agency response was put in place for people returning from the disaster area.
    • The bottom-line is that improvements in and around the disaster area, particularly public amenities, should be restored as soon as possible.
    • Again, I don't think it was necessary for him to drop everything and fly personally down to the disaster area.
  • 2 coloquial, humorístico

    desastre masculino coloquial, humorístico
    my room is a real disaster area mi habitación está hecha un desastre coloquial
    • he's a walking disaster area es un verdadero desastre
    • So far, I've noticed that I have terrible posture, a horrible extra chin, and a room that is a disaster area.
    • The situation in south Florida, ‘a drug disaster area,’ was out of control and about to get even worse.
    • His room was a disaster area filled with hard rock posters, the biggest hidden stash of porn I've ever seen, and undecipherable floor stains.
    • Every time he opened his eyes slightly, he saw the utter disaster area his room had become.
    • After hanging up the phone, Lizzie wandered back up to her room, thinking about whether she should finally tackle the disaster area formerly known as her closet.