Translation of disbar in Spanish:


inhabilitar para el ejercicio de la abogacía, v.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈbɑr/ /dɪsˈbɑː/

transitive verb disbarring, disbarred, disbarred

  • 1

    (barrister/attorney) inhabilitar para el ejercicio de la abogacía
    • A lawyer who commits a felony and is disbarred is surely less deserving of our concern than an applicant who committed a similar crime years before studying law.
    • An investigation revealed that 33 defendants sentenced to death had been represented by attorneys who had been disbarred or suspended.
    • He blames his attorney, who was disbarred during the case, for that one.
    • After investigations into at least 20 complaints against him by his law clients, the attorney was disbarred and convicted of attempted grand larceny.
    • If found guilty by the tribunal, he could be disbarred from practising law in the country.
    • I suspect that there are lawyers who have been disbarred because of less offensive courtroom buffoonery.
    • Once a wealthy lawyer, he is now disbarred, broke and recently evicted from the hotel he has been living in since leaving the family.
    • And had they been inclined, they could have had him disbarred.
    • If you're already a lawyer and you get a conviction you can be disbarred but no one has ever tried to become a lawyer with a past conviction.
    • He was a horrible attorney, and he's been disbarred.
    • In one-third of those cases, the report showed, the lawyer who represented the death penalty defendant at trial or on appeal had been or was later disbarred or otherwise sanctioned.
    • He subsequently surrendered his law license in 1988 and was disbarred after an investigation.
    • If found guilty of breaching the requirements of the code of conduct, which require barristers to act independently at all times, he could be reprimanded, suspended from practice or even disbarred.
    • However she still takes on his case, risking exposure and being disbarred.
    • Untruthful police and expert witnesses should be charged and lawyers disbarred or otherwise disciplined.
    • The former lawyer was convicted of attempted grand larceny concerning a client's missing funds and disbarred in 1987.
    • In some states, a fifth of the attorneys who have represented defendants in capital cases have subsequently been suspended, disbarred or arrested.
    • Ten days later the lawyer was committed to a state mental institution for substance abuse and was eventually disbarred.
    • Because she was convicted of a felony, she was immediately disbarred, ending a career in law that spanned four decades.
    • And prosecutors who engage in such behavior usually end up being disbarred.