Translation of disc in Spanish:


Pronunciation /dɪsk/


  • 1

  • 2parking disc

    disco (de estacionamiento) masculine
    disc zone zona azul
    • What strikes the human eye is the uniquely singular soaring roof, shaped like a slanted disc, which also appears to be in the form of the rising sun.
    • The Irish milliner, celebrated for his daring designs, has produced a seat large enough for two people in the shape of a large disc with an indentation.
    • The once-in-a-lifetime event takes place when Venus passes through the disc of Sun and appears like a small spot moving slowly across the Sun when viewed from the Earth.
    • The sun was only six degrees high in the south and was shining on the unusually short contrail giving the appearance of a shiny disc.
    • Since the cloud was rotating, its spherical shape flattened into a disc.
    • Then at the far end of the rings a glowing disc appeared in the first one.
    • A graphic appeared on the screen next to the newswoman that was shaped like a flying disc.
    • Venus will appear as a small disc moving across the sun between 10.45 a.m. and 4.51 p.m.
    • Appearing as a black disc 30 times smaller than the sun's diameter, it will slowly move from left to right over the course of six hours.
    • The Sun is many times larger than the Earth, but distance makes it appear like a small disc.
    • On the left, the mouth of a megaphonelike shape contains concentric blue lines punctuated by small yellow disks.
    • The sword was spinning so fast that you could only see a green disc shape.
    • The disc glowed yellow and filled the room with plentiful light.
    • A huge disc appeared to be rising from the south over the Mediterranean.
    • As he stared at the bright, off-white disk, though, he was distracted by some small flashes of light, which started appearing just below the disk of the moon.
    • But the outer boundaries of the disks orbiting the younger stars I mentioned are as much as twenty times farther away from their central stars.
    • There was no contrail and the disc appeared to be at an altitude of 20 to 25 thousand feet.
    • As the lunar disk cleared the horizon, it appeared that a chunk had been taken out of its bottom.
    • At dawn, the moon will be as far away from the sun as its orbit will carry it and as a result will appear out to the North Sea as a dark disc surrounded by a vibrant ring of fire.
    • Great Horned Owls are large, powerful owls with prominent ear-tufts, prominent facial disks, and bold yellow eyes.