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distinguir, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈsərn/ /dɪˈsəːn/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (with senses)
    • Only those with dyslexia had difficulty discerning the beat in continuous sounds containing sudden rises and falls in loudness, as in such speech transitions as sweet.
    • Her feline sensitive ears could discern a distinct cry coming from each man's mouth.
    • A laugh, golden and delicious, floated up to him on the breeze and he leaned over the railing, peering down and faintly discerning the hedge wall of the royal garden beneath him.
    • A charming, and thankfully short, tune with two different and rather difficult to discern time signatures.
    • The dense foliage and shrubs made discerning the steepness very difficult until you were actually up in the gulley scrambling around.
    • Using touch alone it's difficult to discern individual buttons on this phone.
    • It gives us some of the infrared we need to discern the shapes in the current darkness.
    • They seem to be able to discern flavours more easily and to identify, discriminate and remember flavours better.
    • One hand shading his eyes, he discerns either two people or two life-sized statues seated facing each other at a vintage picnic table at the very back of a great and empty white room.
    • He discerns a vague sense of creepiness, as if the shadows of the night are trying to communicate the strange message he is delivering.
    • The fingers keep up their exploratory wiggling, each discovering how far it can reach and in what directions it can move, each discerning the shape and feel of the others.
    • And then, he slowly discerned the shape of a grotesque beast, clamping to the trunk as if its skin and the brown bark were one.
    • Her eyes barely discerned the shape of the hollow log across the river.
    • I could barely discern the huddled shape of my parents standing in their doorway.
    • Sea conditions were similar to the day before, and I was able to discern the shape of the wreck from 60m on.
    • An observant viewer of the Double portrait will discern the remains of a burnt-out candle in the front right sconce.
    • They began to discern shapes, touching them and discovering them again as if from new.
    • Some of their protuberances project close to a metre above what can be vaguely discerned as the original road surface.
    • The sauce was thick, almost like a gravy, and bits of squid and various other fruits of the sea could be discerned in it.
    • As I approached the chair I was able to discern some, but not all, of their characteristics.
  • 2

    to discern the truth discernir cuál es la verdad formal
    • I discerned that he was lying me di cuenta de que mentía
    • With its limited focus upon a day where a number of important issues came to a head, incomplete or biased coverage could quickly be discerned.
    • Between the two names, no effective difference can be discerned.
    • In many cases, statistically significant differences could be discerned by participants.
    • It is up to the teacher to discern which students are up to the task and which are not.
    • Even now her life has been dissected, and the verdicts returned, we are no closer to discerning the real person.
    • Several types of racism and violence can be discerned.
    • Much could be discerned about national style from the effort.
    • Four major periods may be discerned in its development.
    • Many symbols have been discerned in his pictures.
    • Readers will have readily discerned a further symbol.
    • And the polls suggest that the benign effects of increased government spending have at last been discerned by the electorate.
    • Such an analysis entails establishing whether a judgemental stance can be discerned in the items being coded and what the nature of the judgements is.
    • All the landholding data he cited pertained to a single point of time from which no time-trend can possibly be discerned.
    • A very similar syndrome can be discerned in the government's handling of security on airlines.
    • Like coin tosses, there may be no salient causation to be discerned in the outcomes.
    • The historical setting never feels remote, as echoes of our days can be discerned between the lines.
    • Perhaps they failed to do so because they have not developed much of a pattern from which the early draft of history can be discerned.
    • From the annals of Indian history, it can be discerned that the role of women in the society is no less than men.
    • There is no obvious reason, no cyclical pattern that can be discerned for these ups and downs.
    • So far, what can be discerned from the main manifestos is an almost complete consensus.