Traducción de discernment en español:


criterio, n.

Pronunciación /dəˈsərnmənt/ /dɪˈsəːnm(ə)nt/

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    criterio masculino
    discernimiento masculino
    • They possess capacities for discernment and the ability to decide what is in their best interest.
    • We might have been adolescent girls, but we were also intelligent young women with discernment and judgement.
    • In other words, dawning the robes of a preacher didn't imbue you with wisdom, intelligence and discernment.
    • Despite his ability for discernment and honesty, you still come away thinking he is stuck in a life of cliched fixations.
    • I yet lack discernment to distinguish the whole lesson of today; but it is not lost, - it will come to me at last.
    • It could even be lack of discernment on the part of the reviewer.
    • He was planning to rely on their lack of discernment, wasn't he?
    • What is within a chef's grasp, however, is the ability to maximize the essence of his or her dish by developing a refined sense of discernment when choosing ingredients.
    • Drugs will almost certainly be developed that will enhance the training of the mind to increase specific types of sensitivity and discernment of sensory signals.
    • The complete article shows quite clearly how the reporter resented being treated as if she had no discernment nor common sense.
    • It is up to us to cultivate discernment, and distinguish between that which is essential, and that which is simply the contingent effect of social and cultural mores.
    • But try to drink with a little taste and discernment.
    • But I need to plead with you to handle this crisis with wisdom and discernment.
    • The hotel is much favoured by people of taste and discernment.
    • ‘We appeal to you to guard against excessive indulgence and lack of discernment in behavioural patterns,’ he said.
    • The ability to pick out one's adult friend from a group photograph taken in his youth seems an unremarkable task and yet requires remarkable powers of discernment.
    • His eyes were focused with discernment and awareness.
    • Fortunately, computers that completely replicate human taste, discernment, and creativity have yet to be developed.
    • Invariably, they pay tribute to his powers of discernment.
    • His prediction was impeccable though, and his discernment true.