Traducción de discharge en español:


liberar, v.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈtʃɑrdʒ/ /dɪsˈtʃɑːdʒ/ /ˈdɪsˌtʃɑrdʒ/ /ˈdɪstʃɑːdʒ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    • 1.1(release)

      (prisoner) liberar
      (prisoner) poner en libertad
      (patient) dar de alta
      (juror) dispensar
      (bankrupt) rehabilitar
      I discharged myself from hospital me di de alta yo mismo del hospital
      • he was discharged from the army fue dado de baja del ejército
      • to discharge oneself from a responsibility eximirse de una responsabilidad

    • 1.2 formal (dismiss)

      • A group of former members of the armed forces who were discharged from the military for being gay have filed suit asking to be reinstated.
      • On 19th October 1994 he was discharged from the police on the grounds of permanent ill health.
      • The four applicants, three men and one woman, had been administratively discharged from the armed forces under this policy.
      • He was honorably discharged from the Army in 2001.
      • Were I to do that, Tom, I would be discharged from the military in a less than honorable manner and have a black mark on my name that would last the rest of my life.
      • They are discharged from military service, two have their ranks lowered, and all three are ordered to forfeit pay for two months.
      • According to these websites, he was discharged from the Marine Corps in 1961 with the rank of sergeant.
      • The Major was discharged from the Army in 1976 after tests found he was suffering ‘high tone deafness’ in both ears.
      • In 1933, his father, Leo, through no fault of his own, was discharged from the British Army.
      • My deepest sympathies are for those soldiers who have died after they were supposed to be discharged from the army.
      • He went on a drunken rampage and was discharged from the military after serving 18 months.
      • The 24-year-old has been sentenced to one year in prison and has been discharged from the Army.
      • Two other crewmen were both badly injured in the attack and were subsequently discharged from the Army on medical grounds.
      • She told me she had just spoken with Jessica, who has now been discharged from the Army, and that she sounded great.
      • After being dishonourably discharged from the US Marines in 1959, he moved to Russia, only to be refused citizenship and sent back to the US.
      • After 19 years with the army, the Major, was medically discharged from her unit.
      • Both were dishonourably discharged from National Service in 1954 after spending much of their time in military prisons.
      • He will be medically discharged from the Army for an athletic career again.
      • After being medically discharged from the army he went on to various jobs.
      • At the time he was back in Clydebank having been dishonourably discharged from the Royal Navy.

  • 2

    • 2.1(send out)

      (smoke/fumes) despedir
      (electricity) descargar
      (sewage/waste) verter
      to discharge pus supurar
      • In the Baltic Sea, similar dumps have started to discharge mustard gas, forming a jelly on contact with water.
      • It would tackle the amount of raw sewage being discharged into local water courses and remove the need for householders to have septic tanks maintained and emptied.
      • The station was allowed to discharge sewage into the river during an emergency and was supposed to have alarms fitted to act as a warning when there had been a pump failure, but none of them worked.
      • They cannot be left out for the household rubbish collection and they must not be emptied by discharging the gas.
      • Most of the pollution comes from poorly-treated sewage and chemicals discharged by farms and factories.
      • Because these operations discharge uneaten food, pesticides and fish waste into the ocean, they need permits.
      • Sewage treatment has collapsed, resulting in 500,000 tons of raw sewage being discharged into water sources every day.
      • He also said the pipe had been intended to discharge sewage not straight into the stream but into another part of the septic tanks, where it would be filtered before being discharged.
      • This toxic brew together with other solid waste produced by indiscriminate dumping of other material is discharged into the nearest body of water.
      • Twelve million cubic metres of raw sewage was discharged into the Thames this summer and more sewage was discharged last Thursday.
      • No Member will agree with 30% of urban sewage being discharged untreated into our seas and rivers.
      • In some instances available manure is sometimes discharged of or destroyed by means of burning it.
      • For these reasons it is unlawful to discharge sediment into our waterways.
      • More than two million residents have no sanitary facilities, and much sewage is discharged untreated or partially treated into waterways.
      • During this phase of the work the pre-cut material was discharged back into the channel where it lay pending removal by the trailers.
      • Phthalates are chemicals discharged by plastics companies; researchers believe they disrupt the human endocrine system.
      • The pipe collects water from the soil, discharging the flow at an opening located downhill from the house.
      • Alarms were raised when industrial glue was discharged into the harbour illegally.
      • I think of fuel and oil being discharged into rivers and oceans.
      • In the past, large volumes of the radioactive substance have been discharged into the Irish Sea.
      • A 23 year old woman was referred by her general practitioner with multiple, unsightly lesions on her right pinna, which occasionally discharged pus.
      • He said that his ears were swollen and bleeding and discharging pus.
      • Maybe you should also disqualify those golfers who discharge phlegm from their mouths while playing.
      • Reproduction in echinoderms is typically by external fertilization; eggs and sperm are freely discharged into the water.
      • The primary and secondary lesions frequently ulcerate and may discharge a thin, serous fluid.
      • The anus has two muscle rings, which keep the contents of the rectum inside until they can conveniently be discharged.
      • The glands discharge their contents by the contraction of the arrector pili muscle and by any pressure applied to the gland.
      • The coldness also triggers the urinary organs, so more calcium, potassium and other inorganic salts are discharged with urine.

    • 2.2(unload)

      (cargo) descargar
      (passenger) desembarcar
      • It depicts a sloop leaving a dock after having discharged a group of passengers.
      • At the port, a cargo ship docked and discharged heavy trucks of the kind used to carry tanks or other heavy armour.
      • Since we were not going to hit the Floral Park station where we could stop at a platform, we would now need to return to Jamaica to discharge the passengers.
      • Seamen who sailed on dumping expeditions in the 1940s confirmed that in poor weather, the ships discharged their cargoes no more than a few hundred metres offshore.
      • Product from the ship can be discharged onto the existing jetty conveyor or into trucks for transport ashore.
      • Subject to the provisions of Article 4, the carrier shall properly and carefully load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for, and discharge the goods carried.
      • On July 23, the absence of staff to clear and discharge cargo forced one ship to bypass Tonga.
      • Work is also continuing on the grain elevator, and ships wishing to discharge any cargo will have to be able to do so by themselves.
      • Ships had to discharge their cargoes at congested anchorages either into horse drawn lighters or onto packhorses for the journey to the industrial centre.
      • Put simply, the regiment must be able to load and discharge ships at sea or in port, whether or not the enemy is around, and then move supplies forward by rail and river.
      • Often a ship discharging on a west coast port will proceed to Galway or the Shannon for a cargo back to the UK or Europe.
      • When the ship was ready to discharge the contractual cargo, there was no notification to the charterers or their agents.
      • That did not come to an end until the cargo had all been discharged from the ship.
      • Our ship, The Dominion Monarch, went through the canal and we were discharged at Port Said.

    • 2.3(shoot)

      (volley/broadside) descargar
      (arrow) arrojar
      (arrow) lanzar
      • He had thought he was a sufficient distance away from the neighbour's boundary when he had discharged the firearm.
      • The facts were that the lady discharged her firearm against two youngsters who were totally innocent of any misdemeanour.
      • He has said he declined to report the incident at the time because he had illegally discharged a firearm in a national park.
      • According to the police, there was a struggle and the officer discharged his firearm.
      • Sometimes I'd discharge a firearm, just to make them aware that this is real, you know.
      • Before they could discharge their rifles four of them were already down.
      • As the soldier reached over to roll up his sleeve he accidentally discharged the weapon, shooting Harry in the stomach.
      • Under the bill, a person who knowingly discharges a firearm that sends a projectile across a property line could be charged with a Class C misdemeanor criminal violation.
      • He did not discharge his shotgun before he was killed.
      • A shootout commenced during which Barry was hit twice, but he also managed to discharge the shotgun twice before falling down.
      • Two men were arrested shortly after New Year's Day for discharging a firearm in the beachfront area.
      • Armed officers then discharged their weapons.
      • Clearly, there needs to be better training of our lawmen, they need to be a bit less ready to discharge their firearms.
      • It was the first and last time he ever discharged his weapon in the line of duty, and the first time he had been shot at.
      • It is unlawful for anyone to discharge a firearm in a public, especially with schoolchildren around.
      • Another guard discharged his weapon, sending a shower of sparks falling from the ceiling.
      • I threw my arm back, pistol in hand, and started to discharge bullets at them while running forward.
      • At a national-class shooting tournament recently one of the 140 or so contestants accidentally discharged his pistol.
      • Those who brandish or discharge firearms in a public place would, in all but the rarest cases, be locked up.
      • It would have taken only one shot to end his life and ruin that of the police officer who discharged it.

  • 3

    • 3.1

      (duty/obligation) cumplir con
      • That was the only time that he was actually unable to perform or discharge the duties of the president.
      • He said he was required to discharge his duty free from interference from any other authority.
      • For success, all these people are required to discharge their duties.
      • He has sought to discharge his duties with an awareness of historical responsibilities.
      • He used to be a good policeman who never failed to discharge his duty and he perished like a hero.
      • Aside from discharging this duty, the Central Bank has a wider responsibility to ensure that public confidence in the financial system is maintained.
      • This venture is basically aimed at grooming the future generations as law abiding and responsible citizens and making them capable of properly discharging their duties to the country.
      • The petitioners also accused the city's returning officer and chief executive of failing to discharge her duties in accordance with electoral law.
      • No one had discharged the duties of companionship or fulfilled the obligations of succession as they did.
      • They also urged her to reshuffle her Cabinet if she found her ministers ineffective in discharging their assigned duties.
      • These are the inscriptions found on the memorials of soldiers who laid down their lives while discharging their duties for the nation.
      • While discharging duties, I have taken unpopular decisions in my career, but without an iota of prejudice.
      • He will have no problem in discharging his duties in that game.
      • A member of the Parliament is under oath to ‘faithfully discharge the duties’
      • If you are fit and healthy, do not leave it to others to discharge your duty.
      • Failure to discharge this duty resulting in injury should be actionable.
      • We have to get our politics right as we seek to discharge our duty towards the population.
      • It also claimed he failed to discharge his duty as an expert witness.
      • On the contrary, she appears to have discharged her duty in that case commendably, and to have been a model of judicial restraint.
      • What about the Minister of Police, who totally failed to discharge his responsibilities?
      • Why should people not be obliged to discharge their electoral duty.

    • 3.2

      (debt) saldar
      (debt) liquidar
      • The payment of a debt to one of a number of joint creditors discharges a debt owed to them jointly.
      • He died of gangrene before he could pay, but his son dutifully discharged the debt.
      • However, I only discharge the debts I lawfully incur.
      • A man who failed to discharge his debts could become the slave of his creditor until he redeemed his debt.
      • He said the company would work with the liquidator on ways to discharge its debts to creditors.

verbo intransitivo

  • 1

    (river) desembocar
    (river) descargar técnico
    • It is recommended that you fully charge and discharge the new battery two to four times to allow it to reach its maximum rated capacity.
    • If the concentration of such a species is high enough that it does not change much as the battery is discharged, then the voltage output remains nearly constant.
    • If it is a battery that is shorted, the battery will be discharged very quickly and will heat up due to the high current flow.
    • The emergency-lighting batteries were charging and discharging at a high rate.
    • Once the excess charge is discharged, the light emitting diode stops emitting light.
  • 2

    (wound/fistula) supurar
  • 3

    (battery) descargarse


  • 1

    • 1.1(release)

      (from army) baja femenino
      (with masculine article in the singular) (from hospital) alta femenino
      (from prison) puesta en libertad femenino

    • 1.2(dismissal)

      despido masculino

  • 2

    • 2.1Medicina

      secreción femenino
      vaginal discharge flujo (vaginal)

    • 2.2

      (of toxic fumes, gases) emisión femenino
      (of sewage, waste) vertido masculino

    • 2.3Electricidad

      descarga femenino

  • 3

    (of debt, liabilities) liquidación femenino
    (of debt, liabilities) pago masculino
    (of duty) cumplimiento masculino formal