Translation of discomfit in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈkəmfət/ /dɪsˈkʌmfɪt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    I was discomfited to hear that … me desconcertó enterarme de que …
    • The overused phrase ‘politically correct’ is usually code for something newish that discomfits the writer.
    • Tight-lipped, he appeared discomfited by the questions thrown at him, and relied on streams of impenetrable government-speak for his responses.
    • The poor boy was clearly discomfited, but we can never resist a mystery, so he gulped out an answer.
    • Actions like these would threaten businesses and discomfit drivers.
    • Scenes will discomfit you, partly because the dialogue is not quite up to the mark in his quest for black humour.
    • More often, he uses his talents to discomfit people who deserve it, deflating the pretentious and humbling the arrogant.
    • For his part, he was coolness and dignity personified and rejected the chance to discomfit his opponent still further by insulting him.
    • Well, he's just made it clear that you've succeeded in discomfiting him and his crew.
    • She succeeded in discomfiting him even further.
    • Her gaze was suddenly penetrating, and it almost discomfited him.
    • Her green eyes danced with laughter as she discomfited her brother.
    • It was like a whole different world here; I was suddenly discomfited by my family's humble home.
    • Beatrice's apology was more gracious, and she was visibly discomfited by her father's manner.
    • His odd, slightly discomfiting palette-a range of hues informed by but not faithful to the colors of the natural world-contributes to a sense of disequilibrium.
    • If a politician cannot speak discomfiting truths without being thrown out of office, then we can expect to have more politicians who will tell us comforting lies.
    • It's a nifty device too, because it reminds you of the show's discomfiting ambiguity.
    • It has proven itself right time after time. It has discomfited its critics and it has repeatedly astonished even its pessimistically inclined well-wishers, such as myself.
    • But they are discomfited by the normalcy of it all.
    • My students were not at all puzzled by this, although they were discomfited that their parents were paying six figures for such an education.
    • Recently, I've found myself more than a little discomfited by examples of intolerance that seem to be cropping up around me.
  • 2

    (hopes) frustrar
    (plans) desbaratar