Translation of disconcert in Spanish:


desconcertar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪskənˈsərt/ /ˌdɪskənˈsəːt/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • Evelyn was momentarily disconcerted by his response, until she saw his eyes focussing on her neck.
    • Suddenly they stop, disconcerted by the noise of disturbed leaves.
    • Except the one night before my marriage, I'd never stayed in a hotel, and I was disconcerted when Pete leapt out of bed at 7am to get to his ship by eight.
    • The young American bemoaned the wet and cold of the Pennines, disconcerted by their bleakness that inspired the Brontes more than a century before.
    • Nevertheless they gave a good account of themselves for 40 minutes and disconcerted the visitors by their upbeat attitude.
    • Whatever was flashing through the visibly disconcerted president's mind, he could not come up with a direct answer.
    • In fact, they used the front door so infrequently that when they did, their mothers were disconcerted.
    • People are disconcerted, even frightened by that kind of lack of personal control.
    • I've been disconcerted at my inability to come to a conclusion of my own on any of this - a minor sorrow right now, I know.
    • Do not be disconcerted if your insurer appoints a loss adjuster.
    • Slightly disconcerted by the lack of clues from the stranger as to what his ailments are, I look around.
    • I've always been disconcerted as to why cities fall all over themselves trying to win the burden of the Olympics.
    • If this were to be over within 50 years I think people would be disconcerted.
    • Finally they all swooshed to a halt and we clapped heartily, while feeling a bit disconcerted by the whole thing.
    • His tone seemed to genuinely disconcert some of the protesters.
    • No level of incompetence or failure would either exasperate or disconcert him.
    • Compulsive early music fanatics might be disconcerted by the variety of composition and performance styles.
    • Aren't you worried some of your early fans might get disconcerted by this?
    • He nodded, somewhat disconcerted by his mother's sudden generosity, and jogged up the stairs.
    • Edie hesitated, and shook her head, being too disconcerted to say anything.