Translation of disconsolate in Spanish:


desconsolado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsˈkɑns(ə)lət/ /dɪsˈkɒns(ə)lət/

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    (person/look) desconsolado
    • I have never seen a more disconsolate and desolate group than the Party after that speech.
    • Fifteen minutes after they trooped out of their dressing-room, disconsolate, shocked by what had unfolded, the footballers were still trying to come to terms with the reality of their situation.
    • If you finish fourth and you don't race well, then you can be frustrated and disconsolate.
    • A disconsolate player admitted: ‘We blew it with those two penalty misses.’
    • I felt a bit too embarrassed for that, said the disconsolate defender.
    • I get whiny, and disconsolate, and I'm generally so absorbed in personal misery at the disaster I anticipate that I can't really think of very much else.
    • But they are far from disconsolate, because they have confirmed that the defensive ditch of the medieval Castle is still in good condition and where they expected it to be.
    • My horse trudges bored and disconsolate around the whole property, seeking even a single blade of green grass.
    • Quite a few disconsolate men complained that the ballot should have been secret, but they did so while lacerated by basilisk stares from the suspicious harridans they had brought with them.
    • ‘They don't make a living out of getting things wrong,’ one disconsolate MP said last night.
    • ‘They never turned up’ was one of the most common post-match complaints from disconsolate supporters.
    • So off I sloped, rather disconsolate, leaving my second attempt at a French loaf to sulk on the counter, all sunken and miserable-looking.
    • Daniel is red-eyed from weeping, while John stares unseeingly out of a hotel window, disconsolate.
    • By then the protesters appeared to have lost heart and left the lecture hall looking disconsolate as the audience gave the speaker a round of applause.
    • The painter creates bleak snowscapes peopled by groups of disconsolate figures, dispersing and recombining.
    • No one, though, seemed too disconsolate at the prospect of a replay.
    • I can't say I was too much bothered, though Dolly and Harry were disconsolate.
    • Spectators aren't going to go home disconsolate if their team loses, as they do in Australia.
    • One skater who helps run one of many clubs for children said hundreds of youngsters would be disconsolate.
    • He was staring out of the window, disconsolate that he had to urge me to censor my work.