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discontinuo, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪskənˈtɪnjuəs/ /dɪskənˈtɪnjʊəs/

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    (line/pattern) discontinuo
    • Unfortunately, subaerial erosion has made the continental sedimentary record very incomplete and discontinuous.
    • The hanging-wall zone contained 33% of the copper and was the most erratic and discontinuous zone.
    • However, the prospects for discontinuous, disruptive change appear slim.
    • Planning requirements mean tall residential buildings have setbacks and open areas at grade, making the streetscape discontinuous and usually unpleasant.
    • This description would be very difficult to accept without the experience of being submerged in discontinuous cultural complexity over a protracted period of time.
    • Events, as elements of the discourse, or rather the pre-discourse, are irruptive and specific, and essentially discontinuous.
    • He said there were three types of strike available to them, these are industrial action short of strike action, discontinuous strike action and continuous strike action.
    • Nonetheless, debate remains a series of discontinuous leaps, structured by impactful posting.
    • It was at times less a guerrilla war than a conventional war waged on discontinuous fronts.
    • He is adept at using short and discontinuous notes to riff the rhythm and create tension.
    • Now, walk in a straight line along those discontinuous white lines in the middle of the road.
    • But the emergent event presents itself as discontinuous, as a disruption without conditions.
    • When the brambles became impassable, we would scrabble up the canyon sidewalls and work our way along slopy, discontinuous ledges.
    • There is nothing to say that such unbounded economic growth will not come in discontinuous lumps.
    • In this discontinuous and heterogeneous present, the videomaker is witness, participant, and documenter simultaneously.
    • People's networks are not homogeneous, they are really discontinuous and heterogeneous.
    • Climate policy debates eventually reach the point in which the modeller is asked whether he or she has accounted for the likelihood that a change in the ecosystem will be discontinuous - in other words, a catastrophe.
    • If the negotiations fail we will ballot for action, and it will not be for a one-day strike but for escalating to discontinuous action.
    • These methods provide discontinuous measurements because air has to be pumped for a long time in order to obtain just one sample.
    • In areas of discontinuous permafrost, localized zones of discharge known as ‘taliks’ are present where the ground is unfrozen.
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    (patchy, interrupted)
    con interrupciones