Translation of discountenance in Spanish:


repudiar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsˈkaʊnt(ə)nəns/ /dɪsˈkaʊntɪnəns/

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transitive verb

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    (action/conduct) repudiar formal
    • That is why a daring mission 63 years ago today - with strength and numbers that might have caused it to be discountenanced as a stunt - had such a powerful effect not only on Americans but also the Japanese leaders and people.
    • There are those who think that if all unfair practices were discountenanced it would add very much to the enjoyment of a country life.
    • They were ‘a community which discountenances the development of a just society predicated on principles of equality and fairness’, he said.
    • As he is surely aware, the Code of Canon Law discountenances retroactive laws, especially when they impose burdens rather than grant favors.
    • He proceeded to Ireland, where his ambitious schemes were distrusted and discountenanced by Elizabeth, then escaped to Spain, having been in treasonable correspondence with Philip II.
    • In return, it was only in the nature of things that larger operations other than the main attack already planned should be discountenanced.
    • My own hands however shall be guiltless of blood, and I shall discountenance it so far as my authority extends, except under circumstances of aggression or in self defence ’.
    • It was beset by the sort of problems evident in one British official's view of its purpose: to discountenance the use for political purposes of methods which all civilised opinion must condemn.
    • Why didn't it probe, even if only to discountenance the allegations?
    • Thus the ‘primary object’ of the organization would be ‘to discountenance and rebuke by moral and social influences, all disloyalty to the Federal Government.’
    • The sources of the free men's anger converged in 1676 when Governor William Berkeley, fearing the outbreak of Indian war, discountenanced Bacon's plans to lead a frontier army against the Indians and refused him a commission.
    • A statement said the striking workers should discountenance the sack threat issued by the state government.
    • First, it shows his consciousness that his "position" as a Senator of the United States demanded a prompt discountenance and denunciation of the treasonable scheme.
    • The party reiterated its stand that it "will continue to discountenance all illegal moves by a lame-duck Presidency and its sidekicks.
    • I believe that employers of labor will soon come generally to recognize the insidious effect of the poison upon their employees, and that ultimately they will discountenance its use - in the same way that they have discountenanced the use of alcohol.
    • Therefore she discountenanced his going down to Bombay to get married.
    • When he yawned, took a book up, said he was hungry or simply went away, she was not discountenanced.
    • They were not discountenanced by the critical argument that a storyteller or a poet who has something to say does not need an artist to help him say it.
    • I was discountenanced, feeling a slow and steady anger rising, a free-floating anger, aimed at no one, no thing as yet.
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