Traducción de discourtesy en español:


descortesía, n.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈkərdəsi/ /dɪsˈkəːtəsi/

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nombreplural discourtesies

  • 1

    descortesía femenino
    • I have had enough of this discourtesy and cavalier behaviour.
    • Judges have been admonished or reprimanded for such behaviour as racist language, sexual harassment, discourtesy in court, delays in delivering judgments and drink driving.
    • However, what is apparent is the increasing discourtesy of some drivers.
    • He is extremely embarrassed by the incident and regrets any discourtesy.
    • Driving to work this morning I saw several incidences of bad driving and plain old discourtesy on the road.
    • The host of the dinner party sent my wife a wonderful bouquet of flowers and a card apologising for the grave discourtesy of a fellow guest.
    • Over 60% of complaints relate to alleged abuse of authority, while one-fifth related to claims of discourtesy.
    • Disregard of speed limits, failure to recognise hazardous weather and traffic conditions, lack of forward observations and widespread discourtesy are but a few examples.
    • To disrespect the law of a host country, or a country in which one perceives oneself as exotic, even though it might be one's native country, is the ultimate in discourtesy and bad taste.
    • The truly great debaters and wordsmiths never resort to cheap discourtesy as a way to make a point and their arguments were stronger for it.
    • And as society is growing more self-obsessed, so discourtesy is increasing.
    • This was not only gross discourtesy - it verged on criminal irresponsibility.
    • This is not the only example of discourtesy that I have noticed while taking transit.
    • There has been no hint of discourtesy, a trait which seems alien to her character.
    • You just might get thrown into the dungeons for your discourtesy.
    • For my discourtesy, I offer you three books of your choosing.
    • We have known each other long enough that you will forgive me this discourtesy.
    • These misconceptions have come not from people whose intentions include malice or discourtesy but from friends who are simply curious.
    • I apologise for that and I intend him no discourtesy.
    • Billy snarked, with a little too much discourtesy to be entirely joking.