Traducción de discrete en español:


diferenciado, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈskrit/ /dɪˈskriːt/

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  • 1 formal

    (separate, distinct)
    (events/units) diferenciado
    • All of these may usually be discrete and distinct domains but one key theme of this chapter is that there are also overlaps.
    • These conjoined applications raise one point in common and others discrete to the individual cases.
    • That is, does age affect general ability or does it have discrete effects on individual abilities?
    • Mosaic warts occur as collections of small, discrete and densely packed individual warts.
    • We have seen that in an atom, possible electron energies come in a discrete series of distinct levels.
    • Now I am going way out on a limb here, but could a discrete universe make this a moot point?
    • Signs are only meaningful within the system of signification in which they are produced, and not as discrete units.
    • Assemblages are denned as coherent suites of plant fossils preserved in discrete lithological units.
    • Investors own units in the fund of funds but have no discrete units in the underlying funds.
    • Chips, being discrete units of food, rather than a single blob or lump of food, have a social element.
    • Is it a discrete inquiry by reference to the particular individual or is it a sort of general inquiry?
    • Needless to say, the distinctions form a continuum, rather than discrete categories.
    • The atoms in iron, in contrast, do not cluster into discrete molecules.
    • This extended arcade also sub-divides the site into a series of discrete landscapes.
    • The patient does suffer a serious loss of cognitive function due to a discrete neurological injury, such as a stroke.
    • It would provide, in other words, a discrete vehicle for important issues to be addressed.
    • This book is not about discernment as a discrete act but rather treats it as a manner of living.
    • And it works when applications store stuff in discrete files, rather than their own data silo.
    • Whilst this book is a stand-alone title in that it deals with a discrete set of texts, it must also be seen as part of a much larger whole.
    • The Official Receiver has confined his allegations under this head to the following discrete matters.
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