Translation of discretionary in Spanish:


discrecional, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈskrɛʃəˌnɛri/ /dɪˈskrɛʃ(ə)n(ə)ri/

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    (powers/authority) discrecional
    • Compare this to the discretionary spending available to, say, a family-owned company.
    • He therefore suggested that the police use the discretionary policy to deal with the problem.
    • The hotel's 800 employees agreed to forgo discretionary annual bonuses recently in hopes of saving jobs.
    • He is wearing proper attire and earns discretionary bonus points for an impeccably hand-tied bow.
    • He adds a love of the horse and availability of discretionary spending was keeping interest high.
    • He held that the decision not to make improvements to the safety of a road junction was ultimately a discretionary matter of policy for the council to decide.
    • This is a 2 percent rise plus a one-off discretionary bonus payment of between nothing and £400.
    • This does not require discretionary policy measures: the working of automatic stabilizers will drive up deficits.
    • These were entirely discretionary decisions which were open to them on the evidence and material before them.
    • His object in this is to take advantage of the discretionary nature of the relief available to the court in such a case.
    • This festival, like others, has fallen foul of cuts made to the council's discretionary services by the cabinet, of which I am a member.
    • Do you think you have sufficient discretionary powers?
    • The order would also give the police discretionary powers to confiscate alcohol if they believe its consumption is causing a public nuisance.
    • It's the first time she's used her discretionary power since taking over as Immigration Minister just over a month ago.
    • However, the use of those measures for these charges is discretionary - not mandatory.
    • As for pornography, the librarian has discretionary powers to censor what he deems too racy for the prison populace.
    • The council must now notify leaseholders again to tell them that the original discretionary arrangement will be retained after all.
    • They keep taxes high but then give discretionary relief in the form of grants to their mates.
    • Consuming less means people can work less and that increases the amount of their discretionary free time.
    • As a result there was very little money left for discretionary services, like free transport and leisure facilities.