Traducción de discuss en español:


hablar de, v.

Pronunciación /dəˈskəs/ /dɪˈskʌs/

Ver definición en español de analizar

verbo transitivo

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    (talk about)
    (person) hablar de
    (topic) hablar de
    (topic) tratar
    (debate) debatir
    (plan/problem) discutir
    we discussed what to do next estuvimos deliberando sobre qué debíamos hacer a continuación
    • I have often heard them eagerly discussing such serials broadcast by Radio Luxemburg.
    • He also tries, and fails, to put a note of delight out of his voice when discussing recent triumphs.
    • After all its not everyday that one hears ordinary people discussing politics in public.
    • We spent the evening drinking our first communal gin and discussing strategies.
    • The voice of a man can be heard discussing theories of black holes and the Big Bang.
    • So we relaxed in their company, sipping beer at the poolside bar while discussing our plans for the weekend.
    • And I thought we were going to sit calmly discussing strategy for the evening ahead.
    • Back in Britain another bunch of women are filmed discussing their parts with remarkable candour.
    • Tim and I were discussing the ending and the fifty million various ways in which it could go.
    • I prefer to get through this embarrassment by not discussing my job or where I've been on holiday.
    • As I was leaving the store this evening he was discussing a matter of concern with one of our fine local young people.
    • So Bails arrives and we spend a couple of hours discussing the week that was, drinking and watching the world go by.
    • In the same way, I wouldn't want to sit in the middle of a group of men discussing cars, football and women.
    • Imagine what it's like to be discussing your finances while one of your neighbours is behind you in the queue.
    • We sat out on the patio with him on his last evening, drinking a beer and discussing the project.
    • It's a sad state of affairs when you hear certain young kids on the bus discussing punk rock.
    • Tomorrow when I meet up with my school reunion friends we will be discussing day trips for the coming year.
    • There is no point in discussing the plot, because I still haven't figured it out.
    • Two lovable rogues are discussing a mutual acquaintance who has just been released from prison.
    • We spent at least twenty minutes discussing the relative merits of various lotions and potions.
    • The issue will be discussed at a meeting of the county council executive tomorrow.
    • It will be discussed in detail at a later date and changed as is necessary and ratified.
    • For issues to be discussed in the form of poetry is not to romanticise them.
    • There was only one serious topic to be discussed between Prime Minister and president.
    • However, he felt the issue should first be discussed with the city's retail sector.
    • I am not convinced and that is why I have asked for this topic to be discussed at the town council.
    • We are willing to meet with any individual who wishes to discuss this or other issues.
    • The first two advantages have already been discussed earlier in some detail in this chapter.
    • This work has been reviewed elsewhere and will not be discussed in detail here.
    • This is the major topic which will be discussed in the remainder of this chapter.
    • Of course there are other issues to be discussed, as we shall see in the next two paragraphs.
    • Many of these topics will be taken up and discussed in greater detail in subsequent chapters.
    • There is another link to a piece in which he discusses why he writes poetry.
    • These are all issues we've discussed broadly and fully within my administration.
    • The issue is set to be discussed at a meeting of the council's planning committee tonight.
    • The next section discusses in greater detail the accepted history of internal audit.
    • Here again, I do not have the space to discuss in detail the fairness of each of these policies.
    • We have attempted to find the best available evidence for the topics we discuss.
    • The two cards use quite different cooling solutions, as was discussed in the roundup.
    • His fifth work in the six part treatise was published in 1883 and discusses well-ordered sets.
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    (opinion/statement) analizar