Traducción de disdain en español:


desdén, n.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈdeɪn/

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    desdén masculino

verbo transitivo

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    to disdain to + inf no dignarse a + inf
    • Dismissed by the press, disdained by opponents, Cassius Clay kept on winning.
    • Aside from mushrooms, fungi are widely disdained by the agriculture industry.
    • Although accustomed to supporting others through their physical pain, Sam disdains emotional intimacy ‘because it hurts.’
    • He also disdains the disappearing-island theory, citing the contradiction of the building boom.
    • He disdains the definition ‘disabled,’ traveling six months a year to play, win and show everybody it can be done.
    • And I believe he puts a lot of weight on loyalty, and he disdains disloyalty.
    • He disdains public explanations, or conversations: he rarely gives press interviews and when he does, he doesn't say much.
    • Usually, it disdains the use of facades as a shell for a new building.
    • He ranks high among the great detectives of fiction but does so unobtrusively, disdaining self-advertisement.
    • He always disdained the idea of a ‘cradle competition’ between rich and poor, native and immigrant, white and black.
    • He disdained deep delta blues, calling it ‘negative’.
    • However, the change in tone of the Oscar ceremony disproportionately affects what the women will wear if ballroom gowns are disdained.
    • By 1980, major record companies disdained the music, preferring the slicker stylings of the new wave.
    • In a climate where the very idea of academic judgement is disdained, it is hardly surprising that some would cling to what appears to be a more precise and scientific approach.
    • Political parties are much disdained these days, often deservedly.
    • A long time ago, an editor left this paper and wrote a farewell column in which he disdained our readers and letter-writers.
    • Populism is very powerful where the populace is disdained by the elites.
    • They disdained make-up and shampoo but drove nice cars and lived in expensively decorated tree-houses.
    • Of the three countries to put the constitution to the popular vote, two have now disdained it.
    • Those who disdain wealth as crass materialism need to understand that wealth is one of the biggest life-saving factors in the world.
    • Snape was sitting at the desk, but he disdained to even so much as lay a finger on the keypad.
    • He ‘distained to mingle in the intrigues of court life’ and found his chief occupation in the formation of his collection.
    • Perigryne felt his gaze upon her once again, but she disdained to move from her position.
    • She wanted him to stop, wanted to plead for her release, but she disdained to beg for him, and she doubted that it would influence his intent in the slightest.