Translation of disfavor in Spanish:


desaprobación, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈfeɪvər/ /dɪsˈfeɪvə/

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(British disfavour)
  • 1

    desaprobación feminine
    to view / look on sth with disfavor desaprobar algo formal
    • to fall into disfavor caer en desgracia
    • to find disfavor with sb encontrar la oposición de algn
    • There is nothing new in this: the Monarchy has almost always been regarded with disfavour, so has the ‘Establishment’, especially when times were bad.
    • A decision-maker may have unfairly regarded with disfavour one party's case either consciously or unconsciously.
    • Spam has retained some popularity in various parts of the world, although regarded with disfavour by those who eschew processed foods or have pretensions to gourmet status.
    • From the beginning, the Protestant Reformers looked with disfavor on the contemplative life and on the quality of mystery that they designated ‘otherworldly.’
    • At one stage there was also a rumour that he was in some disfavour with the board because of delays to the construction of Seven's new Martin Place studios in the heart of Sydney.
    • Today every song in the home-burned CDs met with disfavor.
    • His choice not to intervene won him international disfavor.
    • But those singled out for disfavor can be forgiven for suspecting more invidious forces at work.
    • That readership includes employees who learn what stories will meet with the favour or disfavour of management.
    • But contemporary celebrity is plugged into a relentless cycle of favour and disfavour.
    • ‘It's an industry that's sensitive to public expressions of favor and disfavor,’ he said.
    • Under normal circumstances, such a situation leads to a regime of favoritism and disfavor.
    • The judge was right to view this submission with disfavour.
    • Unfortunately, this year state budgets face such shortfalls that tax credits are looked upon with disfavor.
    • It has always been viewed with disfavor by our courts.
    • He looks with disfavor on this simplest solution because it imposes a particular geometry on space and also requires some kind of master clock to synchronize the updating of all the cells throughout the grid.
    • We feel disfavor for all ideals that might lead one to feel at home even in this fragile, broken time of transition; as for its ‘realities,’ we do not believe that they will last.
    • It must have been near the end of school for I was already walking barefoot, something that my father, the local country doctor, looked on with disfavor.
  • 2

    to be to sb's disfavor perjudicar a algn
    • Because they are difficult to grow, farro and spelt fell into disfavor as farmers turned to raising the more profitable and high-yielding commercial wheat variety.
    • Human intelligence fell into disfavor during the 90's, even into the 80's.
    • It fell into disfavor when synthetic thyroid became more popular.
    • Conservative policies then seemed to prosper as conservative parties fell into disfavor with voters.
    • In the end, the movement fell into disfavor after World War 1 due to a number of factors.
    • Over time, laws that treated women as the property of their husbands fell into disfavor, and state legislatures eliminated many of the status-based disabilities that married women had formerly endured.
    • He was also secretary to Becket with whom he was exiled when he fell into disfavour with Henry II.
    • Linking social capital between communities and representatives in the state apparatus falls into disfavour.
    • Maximus fell into disfavour and Rome sent the largest army it had ever assembled after Hannibal.
    • Unfortunately, the chair who routinely fails to make the hard decisions on personnel will soon fall into disfavor with his or her dean - and then the entire department may suffer.
    • Why have we seen vaccine development fall into such disfavor?
    • However, by the mid-15th century, shields began to fall into disfavour among the cavalry, already well protected by body armour.
    • About AD 130 he fell into disfavour, although it is disputed whether or not he was exiled.
    • Overall, the motion picture is an effective and intense portrait of the downfall and destruction of a woman who falls into society's disfavor, but it is far from a flawless effort.
    • But eventually the group as a whole fell into some disfavor.
    • Therefore, the use of ampicillin has fallen into disfavor.
    • This theory seems to have fallen into disfavor for two reasons.
    • One food ingredient that has fallen into a little disfavour is transfatty acids.
    • This picture naturally also fell into disfavour.
    • Between 1983 and 1988 some tests that had been used quite widely fell into disfavour.