Translation of disfigurement in Spanish:


desfiguración, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈfɪɡjərmənt/ /dɪsˈfɪɡəm(ə)nt/

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  • 1

    (of person) desfiguración feminine
    (of scenery, building) afeamiento masculine
    • Chang first came to Taiwan in 1992 to receive treatment for disfigurement caused by the disease.
    • Left untreated, skin cancer can cause disfigurement or death.
    • Their disfigurement has become a sign of Maori protest.
    • These little objects are about engorgement to the point of disfigurement.
    • It was his way of preparing me for a life of disfigurement.
    • Hardy also pays attention to the decay and disfigurement in the woods.
    • And in contrast to the claims by Walker, no evidence of deliberate disfigurement of the bodies was found.
    • Angioedema tends to occur on the face and may cause significant disfigurement.
    • Left untreated, fixed cutaneous sporotrichosis can eventually lead to scarring and disfigurement.
    • I suppose I was too young to contemplate dying, but the notion of disfigurement was devastating.
    • They can also rupture, causing pain and disfigurement.
    • More than this, it was the emotional pain of disfigurement which was most traumatic.
    • He was also blinded in his right eye, lost some of his hearing and suffered severe facial disfigurement.
    • Also, because these burns involve the face and head, long lasting disfigurement can result.
    • When we assure them that there will be no disfigurement, they relent.
    • Bonding need not require genital disfigurement.
    • Scully relates his own experience with post-fight disfigurement.
    • And it doesn't leave a visible scar, but it creates what I call psychic disfigurement.
    • Side effects include hair loss and disfigurement.
    • A new type of disfigurement has come to Britain's towns and villages.