Translation of disgruntled in Spanish:


contrariado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsˈɡrən(t)ld/ /dɪsˈɡrʌnt(ə)ld/

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    (child/look/tone) contrariado
    (employee) descontento
    • It seems that some disgruntled moviegoers are angry with the advertisements that now run before most movies.
    • By the end of his life he was a disgruntled and unhappy man, spending any money he had made on drink.
    • A good reputation can be severely dented by a dissatisfied cleaner or by a disgruntled customer.
    • The defence portrayed her as a disgruntled employee who had reasons to lie.
    • Officials believe the culprit is likely to be a disgruntled motorist who has been photographed by the cameras and fined.
    • The move was aimed at persuading disgruntled motorists that fixed sites were not being exploited to raise revenue.
    • Front line staff bore the brunt of the abuse that disgruntled students cast.
    • We have not fallen from grace or lost all sense of decency, as some disgruntled tribunes of the people would have you believe.
    • She is no longer vibrant; she is disgruntled and unable to commit to anything or anyone.
    • The President is just being insulted by the citizens, because they are disgruntled.
    • I am feeling decidedly old and decrepit this morning and rather disgruntled with life and myself in general!
    • One executive on the list was shot and killed over a land dispute by a disgruntled business partner.
    • It marks another win for disgruntled shareholders, but does the penalty go far enough?
    • He was disgruntled at the introduction of the smoking law, saying it took away his freedom.
    • A resident was so disgruntled when his rubbish was not collected that he threatened to dump it on the town hall steps.
    • Letters from disillusioned and disgruntled fans were answered, phone calls returned.
    • The flat looks rather like it has been ransacked by disgruntled burglars.
    • It was the desperate act of a disgruntled former city employee who was refused his old job back.
    • The disgruntled employees from the data management team left immediately and vowed not to return.
    • It would be a good thing to see players who are disgruntled sitting down with management.