Traducción de dish en Español:


plato, n.

Pronunciación /dɪʃ/


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    • 1.1(plate)

      plato masculino
      serving dish fuente
      • One of them tossed the contents of a sauté pan into a serving dish and turned to bring it over to the cart.
      • All the serving bowls, dishes in the dinner set will come with lids, he adds.
      • So I have four place settings of cheap crockery, one pan, and two serving dishes.
      • It is definitely not worth decanting something such as risotto into a serving dish; it should be ladled straight from the pan.
      • Sprinkle the parsley over as you toss them from the pan into a serving dish.
      • Remove to a shallow serving dish and add more oil and fish to the pan.
      • She smiled to herself as she slid it expertly out of the pan and onto the serving dish.
      • Depending on the menu I use suitably sized serving dishes, too, rather than plating the meal at the counter.
      • There are strict etiquettes about not touching the serving dishes with anything that has touched your mouth.
      • Remove to a serving dish and rest for about 10 minutes.
      • Arrange these in overlapping rings on a serving dish.
      • When the chicken is cooked, remove the roasting dish from the oven, and transfer the chicken onto a serving dish.
      • Transfer the baked pasta parcels to a serving dish and spoon the yogurt over them.
      • Remove serving dishes from the table after each course.
      • Glass is blown or molded into many shapes for decorative items, and for beverage glasses and other eating and serving dishes.
      • Near the street of the meat shops was a stall containing large shallow clay dishes filled with yoghurt.
      • Thankfully I've managed to exercise a containment policy that means that we only have six small plates, a large baking dish and a serving platter.
      • While it is heating, heat the oven to 250 degrees and put a large shallow baking dish in it.
      • Put the mince into a shallow baking dish and cover with the potato.
      • Place cream cheese in a shallow glass casserole dish.

    • 1.2(amount)

      plato masculino
      • There were four of them, served with a dish of melted garlic butter, and another of hot salsa sauce.
      • The fish and meat flavours burst through the tasty sauce, and a dish of basmati rice proved to be a great partner.
      • She sighed, and then walked downstairs to get a dish of ice cream.
      • They also served, free of charge, a dish of raw cabbage with the beer.
      • Scrape it onto your plate and use it to smother a dish of new potatoes - mountain food at its best.
      • It goes without saying that you should have a glass of hot, sweet, amber tea, and if your sweet tooth is acting up, try a dish of figs with cream for dessert.
      • The only food available was a dish of baked beans almost solid with their wait under the hot lights and a plate of sausages that looked as if they'd been there since the place was built.
      • They had taken their leave of Maralynne and Chester, after a dish of ice cream each for dessert and about a dozen compliments for their hostess.
      • This week's question: Do you have a dish of candy on your desk?
      • A dish of strawberries arrived at our table with a Happy Anniversary message.
      • Two hot crumpets accompanied by wrapped butter in a small dish together with a dish of blackcurrant jam were excellent.
      • The chief meat-eater among us opted for the assiette de charcuterie, a dish of ham, pork and salami with chicken pâté, served with oatcakes and olives.
      • A waiter zipped over and deposited two glasses of water and a dish of mixed nuts on their table, took their drink orders, and hurried off.
      • Have you ever sat in front of a dish of peanuts at a party?
      • One of them immediately came around with dinner menus, followed by a dish of snack mix, and then a cart from which drinks were handed out.
      • He grabbed a dish of food and pretended to be one of the servants.
      • However, I always have a dish of finely grated hard cheese to sprinkle over.
      • Beneath the first cover was a dish of steaming pork chops.
      • Servers would hold out a dish of food, and we would each take a serving.
      • There was usually a dish of overcooked pasta for those who insist on eating something they will easily recognise.

    • 1.3dishes plural(crockery)

      to wash / do the dishes lavar los platos

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    plato masculino
    my favorite dish mi plato favorito
    • And remember, don't think of them as mere side dishes - hearty vegetables can serve as the main dish for a meal.
    • Dinner consists of fresh fruit, homemade soup, and a main dish with meat or fish accompanied by rice and/or potatoes.
    • This would make a great side with fish for instance, or can be served as a main dish.
    • Most households will normally content themselves with one main dish for their daily meals.
    • Dinner is a large meal typically including soup and a main dish consisting of meat and vegetables.
    • It's an old fashion diner with great service and even better food, even if their main dish is a hamburger and fries.
    • It is perfect as a starter before something more meaty, but good too as a main dish in its own right.
    • Holiday meals also include a main dish of chicken and rice prepared with added vegetables and raisins.
    • If you opt for a fish dish for your main meal, diver harvested scallops wrapped in bacon with hollandaise sauce is sure to get the mouth watering.
    • The emphasis is on local fish and shellfish while salads, sandwiches and simple pasta dishes make up the rest of the summer menu.
    • We sprinkle this coral powder over fish dishes, risottos and creamy sauces for pasta.
    • For a main dish bake a pie with pumpkin, yam and potato.
    • A variety of special dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients for ceremonial occasions by the woman of the house and her female maids.
    • Late at night, a main meal with several dishes is served.
    • Let me give you three examples from my files of vegetarian pasta dishes.
    • Otherwise we could choose from 30 seafood dishes on the standard menu, most containing prawns.
    • Students were asked to prepare a vegetarian dish, with eight winners offered a tour of the hotel.
    • Surprisingly, the vegetarian stew may be one of the heartiest dishes on the menu.
    • Crisp, fresh rose sparklers may be the best partners for garlicky or spicy seafood dishes.
    • A woman chef cooks traditional dishes in the open kitchen.
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    Telecomunicaciones Televisión
    antena parabólica femenino
    • However in the meantime a dish aerial appeared on the roof of the building without planning consent.
    • This signal is picked up by a satellite TV dish then transmitted to a receiver where it is amplified and sent to a TV screen.
    • The top of the cylinder was capped with a parabolic radio dish, which appeared to be made of cloth supported by a series of metal ribs.
    • Yes, the equipment you get - the satellite TV dish and satellite TV receiver - is free.
    • The radar antenna dish then scanned up and down to provide the operators with the estimated height of the aircraft.
    • Precipitation, like rain or snow or hail, sends the radio waves back to the radar dish.
    • Since the launch of small dish digital satellite services in 1994, more than 15 million people have signed on.
    • He's not that handy, but he does know how to position the motor coach so the satellite TV dish will work.
    • The mast is designed to carry antennae and communication dishes and the application included associated ground-level equipment cabinets.
    • The mast will have six antennae and four dishes.
    • Other aspects to the application are six antennas, four communication dishes, a security fence and storage cabins.
    • The application is to erect a 15-metre mast with six antenna and two dishes to be built within a compound.
    • It is technically possible for the firms to mount their antennae and receiver dishes on to the existing police mast.
    • With the retirement of the old professor, the observatory was going to be turned into a museum, as soon as the new radar dish was completed.
    • We're not even allowed to put satellite dishes up but they're putting up a massive tower.
    • National television, which has its studios nearby, uses satellite dishes on the roof of the building.
    • She says she researches the Afghan war five hours a day, using the Internet, radio, newspapers, phone, and a satellite dish that picks up Al Jazeera, an Arab news network.

verbo transitivo

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    echar por tierra
    • The newspaper supported the war, but this is a chance to dish the government on grounds of spin.
    • The great marquess never sold the pass on such an issue of principle, the great adventurer couldn't resist dishing the Whigs by out-democratising them.
    • There is a good chance your friend dished your rotor when he bent it back.
    • You argue that he had dished the opposition, outmanoeuvred them, tactically closed them down and as a result, couldn't help allowing himself a mordant little smile.
    • Pasting one's own posters over an opponents posters was one of the favourite methods of ‘em>dishing’ the opposition.