Traducción de dishonestly en español:


deshonestamente, adv.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈɑnəstli/ /dɪsˈɒnɪstli/


  • 1

    (act) deshonestamente
    (act) con deshonestidad
    he dealt dishonestly with his customers engañaba a los clientes
    • He jailed Cooper for one year, saying he had behaved dishonestly to a person who considered him her friend.
    • All these claims were made dishonestly.
    • He admitted dishonestly receiving items stolen in a burglary and also theft of a bank card.
    • By continuing to assert dishonestly your innocence in the removal of money you have compelled the family to come here and give evidence.
    • A person may dishonestly assist in the commission of a breach of trust without any idea of what a trust means.
    • One claim was that a lawyer who was a director of the company had dishonestly assisted in the fraud.
    • The case was fairly and squarely put at trial that they were dishonestly deceiving the court.
    • He had dishonestly taken bribes with a view to fixing the result of games in which he would be playing.
    • Mr Brown had dishonestly withheld information.
    • It was alleged the doctor had won the accreditation by deliberately and dishonestly misrepresenting his career history.