Translation of dishonesty in Spanish:


deshonestidad, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈɑnəsti/ /dɪsˈɒnɪsti/

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    deshonestidad feminine
    falta de honradez feminine
    (of statement) falsedad feminine
    (of dealings) fraudulencia feminine
    • Cynicism and dishonesty characterize the administration of the program.
    • It is taken as a truism by most people that dishonesty and yobbish behaviour are on the increase in society.
    • There was no evidence of dishonesty or bad character with respect to either of them.
    • Distorting news is not just writing to be read, it is deceitfulness and dishonesty at their worst.
    • This is distinct from dishonesty and misconduct, which should not be tolerated.
    • Instead he had committed offences of dishonesty in the past and served a jail sentence for manufacturing counterfeit coins.
    • As an economic system it was based upon corruption, dishonesty and debt.
    • The athlete cheats and through his dishonesty he wins a gold medal and earns a considerable amount of money.
    • He did not hide his displeasure about the loss of integrity and how dishonesty has set in.
    • You can always get what you want by bribery and corruption, dishonesty and deviousness.
    • With that comes corruption, dishonesty, unfaithfulness, and being immoral.
    • He fought against dishonesty and corruption, opportunism and cowardice.
    • Honesty or dishonesty must however always be a question for the jury, and the present type of case is no exception.
    • It makes me want to grab this boy and keep him safe, unsullied by this world of dishonesty and guile, just as his parents must have wanted to.
    • Too much people lack integrity and it is dishonesty that keeps them from being able to reason out issues.
    • Explaining to students what is acceptable behaviour is important when trying to reduce dishonesty.
    • But he tends to leave an impression of intellectual dishonesty, a disconcerting lack of sincerity.
    • This may be seen as part of a value system based upon personal honour, which eschews deceit and dishonesty towards members of the social group.
    • Fortunately their own innate dishonesty makes them very bad at it.
    • It is a farce, founded on dishonesty: like the old regime itself.