Translation of dishwater in Spanish:


agua de fregar los platos, n.

Pronunciation /ˈdɪʃˌwɔdər/ /ˈdɪʃwɔːtə/


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    (with masculine article in the singular) agua de fregar los platos feminine
    (with masculine article in the singular) agua de lavar los platos feminine
    it tastes like dishwater es un aguachirle
    • The wells were starting to bring up muddy brown water and clothes had to be washed in yesterday's dishwater.
    • Not wanting to disturb him, Inger lifted the pan of dirty dishwater and headed for the door; but Ben heard her steps and exploded out of his chair.
    • She picked up a plate and handed it to him, but he wasn't paying attention and it fell down into the sink, splashing both of them with dirty dishwater.
    • Suddenly finding the dirty dishwater fascinating, she shrugged.
    • Save rainwater and dishwater for re-use in the garden
    • She ran the soapy dishwater and began to sit dishes into the water to let them soak.
    • The water in the river, like green dishwater, is flowing in our direction now.
    • You may expedite the removal process by adding some bleach to your dishwater or simply soaking hands in bleach water solution.
    • Do not wash such items in greasy dishwater which will leave a greasy film to burn on.
    • This theme is apparently subverted by another TV ad for one of those vile-tasting instant soup products that taste like reheated dishwater.
    • My clothes were soaked through with sweat, dishwater, and grease.
    • Ten feet down in the marbled earth, like a sieve in dishwater, the metallic shopping cart lay partially submerged.
    • The melodic Arabic intonations clash with the clanking of pots and pans in the steamy dishwater.
    • Cut grease and stubborn leftover food from plates and glasses by adding a few lemon slices or a tablespoon of vinegar to soapy dishwater.
    • I dumped more soap flakes into the greasy dishwater.
    • I chewed slowly, carefully, and thoughtfully before I realized that it tasted like dishwater.
    • As for the coffee, dishwater would have tasted better!
    • We found the bitter drink numbing to the lips and now understand why people compare it to dishwater.
    • Andreas laughed, shutting off the water as she placed another plate in the dishwater.
    • I grinned and put the bowl and spoon in the dishwater.