Traducción de disillusion en español:


desilusionar, v.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsəˈluʒən/ /ˌdɪsɪˈluːʒ(ə)n/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    I don't wish to disillusion you, but … no quisiera desilusionarte, pero …
    • I became thoroughly disillusioned with politics la política acabó desilusionándome por completo
    • And, after all, instead of disillusioning me it deeply attracted me.
    • I know it seems mean to be disillusioning you like this, but do you really think that he or she will come up to you and tell you how much they care?
    • The former Newbridge College player acknowledged the role of the Irish pack in not only standing up to the much-vaunted visiting unit, but in the end, disillusioning them,
    • We ordered our tickets, paid an early visit, and had a fairly disillusioning evening.
    • Is that wait of an extra couple of months going to disillusion people about this new democracy?
    • The opposition of the traditionalists and the fear of disillusioning the faithful led to a third choice.
    • Other times, circumstances and people can seriously disillusion you.
    • Perhaps the campaign disillusioned me: it certainly didn't bring out anyone's best side.
    • Her union was the one that disillusioned me completely about marriage.
    • I thought that I had removed it when I became disillusioned by the whole process.
    • However, the drop in points has not disillusioned the members of the committee.
    • I would hate to disillusion our friends from that galaxy far, far away, but my impression is that none of those slogans mean anything more than they say, and that in any case, they do not say very much.
    • This fairly brief experience of worldly ambition seems, however, to have disillusioned him.
    • Glenn refused because he was afraid he might disillusion the boys who took him for a model.
    • But Hazel would disillusion him quick enough - since they seem to be such good friends.
    • I hate that job, and luckily the manager doesn't know how I disillusion customers so much, otherwise he'd definitely fire me.
    • His stillborn book might soon disillusion Katherine Hunt and others like her.
    • Better disillusion the poor idiot before he wraps himself up in grief and does something stupid.
    • His experience of the First World War disillusioned him with conventional cultural and moral values.
    • The contrast between Stalinist Russia and the heady utopian promises of revolution in the early twenties was disillusioning, but not enough for him to abandon the cause of Communism.