Traducción de disinclined en español:


Pronunciación /ˌdɪsənˈklaɪnd/ /dɪsɪnˈklʌɪnd/


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    disinclined to + inf
    • Audiences today are not only disinclined to listen to new music, they're reluctant to listen to anything unfamiliar.
    • The majority party is a closely-knit organization nationwide and is less popular among youths who are generally disinclined to go to the poll.
    • For the rest, the hand emerges abruptly from the kiosk without greeting or acknowledgement, and one is then disinclined to be pleasant in return.
    • All parties and institutions are affected by a climate of cynicism and mistrust in which society is disinclined to believe whatever it is told by authorities and experts.
    • Understandably, I have some reservations about getting drunk with my passport and visa with me, so I am disinclined to take them.
    • Even if I hadn't become fabulously annoyed with the show last season, I'd be disinclined to watch it this year.
    • And the rich seem disinclined to do anything about it.
    • Maybe it has, but I doubt it, and I'm disinclined to prove that assertion.
    • The news made me disinclined to spend another night in the park.
    • Not surprisingly, he is disinclined to name names.
    • He would be disinclined to burn them; he could not publish them.
    • Both parties also seem disinclined to support Pawlenty's call for a reinstatement of the death penalty.
    • Maybe the guys on the ground were disinclined to accept that instruction.
    • Fortunately, the general public are disinclined to go along with philosophers and critics who cast doubt upon common experience.
    • The danger is that a public stupefied by celebrity and trivia will be ill-informed and disinclined to engage in the democratic process.
    • It turns out I do have wisdom teeth, but they're of a shy disposition and are disinclined to pop up the way they're supposed to.
    • Then there are issues, of which I know nothing, because I'm disinclined to submit to a higher level of security clearance.
    • Baffled or humbled by the land, we are disinclined to be boastful.
    • He was a quiet fellow, disinclined to tell anecdotes or bask in the refracted glow of a Hollywood account.
    • We all ranted about how DB takes advantage of my mom and seems disinclined to help himself.