Translation of disinfect in Spanish:


desinfectar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsənˈfɛkt/ /dɪsɪnˈfɛkt/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (toilet/sink) desinfectar
    • Destroy badly diseased plants, and thoroughly clean and disinfect their containers before reusing them.
    • Today doctors use medicinal maggots to clean wounds by dissolving dead tissue and to disinfect them by killing bacteria.
    • And once you bring home your new pet, you need to be ready for years of daily food preparation, cleaning and disinfecting the cage.
    • He will also have spent hundreds of man-hours cleaning and disinfecting his machinery and vehicles, all in a bid to keep his farm clear of the disease.
    • I cleaned out and disinfected their compartment, and put in fresh bedding and put back some of their previous twigs and straw nesting materials.
    • The plan is still under discussion, but the idea is to move people temporarily to tent camps while workers clean and disinfect one neighbourhood at a time.
    • Nevertheless, the cost to clean up and disinfect farms in Dumfries and Galloway was 39,000 per farm.
    • Offences include a lack of foot baths available at farms and a failure to properly clean and disinfect vehicles.
    • The main reason for the long delay has been the time taken to completely clean and disinfect the farm.
    • Be sure to properly clean the wall and disinfect it against fungus, mildew and bacterial growth.
    • The same procedure for cleaning and disinfecting this critical equipment must be followed in every location in which anesthesia is administered.
    • Keep bird baths clean by disinfecting them occasionally with a solution of one part household bleach to nine parts water works well
    • Cleaning and disinfecting the holding pens between occupancy by groups of pigs might also be effective.
    • For optimum household cleanliness and health, clean and disinfect your shower stalls and glass shower doors at least once a week.
    • She uses a solution of equal parts vinegar and water to cut grease, keep kitchen windows clean, and disinfect counters.
    • Clean and disinfect the environment, frequently in affected wards and particularly in wards reopening to new admissions
    • Clean and disinfect the hot zones in your home - the kitchen and bathroom - on a regular basis.
    • Inspect and let soil dry out and clean and disinfect saucers under pots.
    • Clean and disinfect toilets after they're used by the person with diarrhea.
    • Cleansing and disinfecting stations will be established within the area for vehicles entering and leaving the buffer zone site.
  • 2

    (room/clothing) desinfectar