Translation of disinfectant in Spanish:


desinfectante, n.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsənˈfɛktənt/ /dɪsɪnˈfɛkt(ə)nt/


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    desinfectante masculine
    • Avoid strong odors from paint, perfume, hair spray, disinfectants, chemical cleaners, air fresheners, and glues.
    • Each vehicle was tested for contamination after cleaning using the current cleaning method of wiping down the interior with liquid disinfectants.
    • Bacteria are very sensitive to chemical disinfectants such as chlorine and iodine.
    • Most medicines, for example, are chemicals of some kind, as are most disinfectants, household cleaning agents and plastics.
    • These units lack basic facilities such as linen, antiseptic detergents, disinfectants and essential surgical instruments.
    • The sudden smell of disinfectants and plastic were making him sick.
    • These authors regard disinfectants as chemical biocides with a relative lack of selectivity.
    • The new package will include 2100 litres of mould disinfectants and 8000 litres of drinking water disinfectants, worth a total of 17 000 euro.
    • Research has not shown an increased resistance of antibiotic-resistant bacteria to hospital germicides and disinfectants.
    • The two chemicals are also used in common disinfectants and in water treatment plants, vital for a modern society.
    • Biocides, when used as disinfectants and sterilants, are used at concentrations substantially higher than levels required to show bactericidal effects.
    • Use of sand filtration and chlorine disinfectants attacked the problem leading to sharply falling rates of typhoid fever and other water-borne infections.
    • Respirators are not as effective at removing bleach fumes, so minimize your exposure when using bleach or other disinfectants.
    • Chapter Seven discusses disinfectants and disinfection procedures in the elimination of infectious agents.
    • We get bromine from pesticides, dough conditioners, and from disinfectants for water in hot tubs and commercial spas.
    • If approved disinfectants are unavailable washing soda, mixed with water at a rate of 50 grams per litre, is the next best alternative.
    • Supplies of soap, tooth brushes, disinfectants, in fact all toiletries and disinfectants, and towels are also very badly needed.
    • Since disinfectants can leave unpleasant traces in water coolers and are difficult to apply, the best disinfection method is to use an ozonizer.
    • The newspaper said the water was dull in appearance and had no trace of disinfectants such as chlorine.
    • Several cancer causing chemical compounds that are created in the presence of disinfectants are also stopped by the filter.