Translation of disintegration in Spanish:


desintegración, n.

Pronunciation /dɪsˌɪn(t)əˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/ /dɪsˌɪntɪˈɡreɪʃ(ə)n/

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    desintegración feminine
    • Necrosis is a spontaneous and unregulated process that results in disintegration of the cell membrane and its organelles.
    • During fruit softening, pectins and hemicelluloses typically undergo solubilization and depolymerization that are thought to contribute to cell wall loosening and disintegration.
    • Aerenchyma is formed by cell separation or selective cell death and disintegration.
    • To add a little spice to the mission, the teams are also running a competition to see who can most accurately predict - in the event of cometal disintegration - the paths of any pieces during the 1000 solar orbits after impact.
    • Loss of red cells into the subcutaneous tissue, followed by their disintegration, causes the brown color change in the skin (nemosidcrin deposits).
    • Their lack of a cell wall often results in disintegration or severe distortion when preserved, so they must be examined live for any possible identification.
    • In some cases, germ cells appeared to be in various stages of disintegration.
    • The history of the universe in its periodic passage from evolution to dissolution is conceived as a biological process of gradual and relentless deterioration, disintegration, and decay.
    • The board said that one major piece of foam and at least two minor pieces fell off the shuttle, struck the wing, and ultimately led to its disintegration.
    • Had the foam hit, it could have caused the same type of damage that led to the disintegration of the shuttle Columbia over Texas on February 1, 2003.
    • A longer-term effect would be if the disintegration led to a meltdown of the grounded West Antarctic ice sheet, which would cause the world's oceans to rise by up to 5 metres.
    • In 1988, just 11 ounce were enough to blow a hole in the fuselage of Flight 103 and cause the aircraft's disintegration, killing 270 people.
    • Remember two-and - a-half years ago, a piece of debris struck the left wing and was a fatal breach that ultimately let to the disintegration of the vehicle and the loss of the crew.
    • We have the disintegration of the shuttle orbiter.
    • It's pretty clear that nothing untoward precipitated the disintegration of the Columbia spaceshuttle upon its re-entry.