Translation of disinterested in Spanish:


imparcial, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈɪntrəstəd/ /dɪsˈɪn(t)əˌrɛstəd/ /dɪsˈɪnt(ə)rɪstɪd/

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    (decision/advice) imparcial
    (action) desinteresado
    • As a family friend with no further ambitions, he was able to offer disinterested advice to the inexperienced future president.
    • An adjudicator must be, and must be seen to be, disinterested, unbiased and impartial.
    • Now, this notion of disinterested advice may also repay a claimant's examination.
    • This view must surely add to growing pressure for a rethink of this process of giving disinterested information to people.
    • This is not to say that there are not some disinterested and honourable people.
    • There is no reason why the relevant disinterested person should not be found elsewhere within the company or, indeed, outside it.
    • That part is selfless, both in the sense of being disinterested and in the sense of being detached from personal feeling.
    • Who better to instigate this investigation than a disinterested neutral party like the Sierra Club?
    • In all fairness, it would also seem that an objective, disinterested party should review the current planning and its impact on such history.
    • I'd say that's about as far from a disinterested, objective party as you could possibly find to provide analysis.
    • The fact is she is not a dispassionate or disinterested witness in this case.
    • Then you outsiders - you impartial, disinterested observers - you come in and split the difference.
    • Hutton is represented as dignified and fair - a disinterested figure, who stands above the grubby world of politics.
    • The Fourth Amendment does not contemplate the executive officers of Government as neutral and disinterested magistrates.
    • Now suppose that voters behave as unselfish, disinterested judges of what is best.
    • Nor is the ‘freedom to search’ as disinterested and neutral an injunction as it appears.
    • No matter how learned and disinterested those special interest groups may be, I know which society I would prefer to live in.
    • He argued that Carson, while claiming to be a disinterested patriot, was defending the private interests of profiteering firms.
    • They can also offer a disinterested discussion of the public interest, of why it matters that television is honest and truthful.
    • Rather, it argues that progress is an effect of disinterested activity for social justice.