Translation of disjointed in Spanish:


inconexo, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈdʒɔɪn(t)əd/ /dɪsˈdʒɔɪntɪd/


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    (speech/writing/account) inconexo
    (speech/writing/account) deshilvanado
    • ‘If items are too dissimilar, it can have a disjointed and fragmented appearance,’ said Catlin.
    • The multitude of camera shots and angles make for a disjointed and fragmented composition that enhances the sense of fear and paranoia of not knowing where the next shot is coming from.
    • File this one under disjointed ramblings and let me recover in peace…
    • But the story is presented in a disjointed series of confusing flashbacks that work too hard to logically explain an ultimately illogical premise.
    • This article has to be one of the most disjointed and confused articles I've read in a long time.
    • I can look back on them with fond memories long after my professors' disjointed ramblings have faded from my mind.
    • The plan which we will publish will not be a collection of disjointed projects with no connecting logic.
    • A scrappy move in a disjointed first half gave the home side their best chance of the half.
    • The film is so over-populated with characters (many of whom don't need to be there) that it frequently feels disjointed and incoherent, thereby undermining the overall enjoyment.
    • Advocates of the proposal - mostly federally chartered banks - contend the move would simplify the disjointed and confusing home-buying process.
    • While the book's format lets us meet many fascinating people, it has the unfortunate effect of making individual experience disjointed and fragmentary.
    • The first 20 minutes seem disjointed and unconnected.
    • I sobbed loudly, not caring who I woke up, speaking into the dark emptiness of my room, forming disjointed sentences and unconnected thoughts.
    • The narrative also jumps between miscellaneous angles and points of view, creating a portrait that is necessarily disjointed and patchy.
    • The events of the past few days swam through Robby's head in one disjointed, jumbled mess, and he could find no perspective on any of it whatsoever.
    • The different sounds usually don't mesh together, and the end result is often a fragmented, disjointed mess.
    • Beyond the Nixon saga, the book consists mostly of disjointed ramblings about assassination plots.
    • She was gasping for breath as her mind rambled a jumbled conglomerate of disjointed thoughts at him.
    • Compounding this disjointed approach was a confusing mélange of stage settings.
    • Instead, I found a collection of disjointed information.
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    disjointed chicken pollo despiezado