Traducción de disjunctive en español:


disyuntivo, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈdʒəŋktɪv/ /dɪsˈdʒʌŋ(k)tɪv/

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    • You could object a bit to the way the disjunctive choice is set up.
    • Funk points out that the particle H displays its sharpest disjunctive characteristics in interrogative sentences.
    • This is particularly evident with disjunctive queries, which use the minus sign to exclude particular search terms.
    • But it is a fair presumption that the belief in exclusive disjunctive uses of or in English includes just such three-disjunct uses of or.
    • All three articles attempt to clarify the determinate-determinable relation by explaining the nature of disjunctive and conjunctive predicates.
    • He also discusses the disjunctive propositions which follow from a conditional proposition.
    • Creationists are thus accused of the fallacy of false alternatives, that is, the disjunctive premise leaves out a possible alternative.
    • The inference rule of disjunctive syllogism, while truth-preserving, is not falsity-avoiding.
    • Some philosophers suggest that there is an important logical difference between disjunctive predicates, on the one hand, and disjunctive properties or universals, on the other.
    • This is an algebraic expression of the disjunctive normal form theorem of sentential logic.