Traducción de disk drive en español:

disk drive

unidad de disco, n.


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    unidad de disco femenino
    • The temperature of the hard disk drive was read with a thermometer tool.
    • In the past, when a disk drive was updated in a personal computer, the old disk drive was thrown away.
    • A computer disk drive transducer head having spatially separated read and write heads is provided.
    • An actuator assembly is provided for a computer disc drive.
    • Still, there are ways of squeezing more performance out of a disk drive with a larger cache memory.
    • If the devices have a disk drive then they act as servers for the encryption keys and control the rights of the other, tethered devices.
    • A method for correcting read errors in a disk drive is also disclosed.
    • This software communicates directly to the disk drive, bypassing the operating system.
    • If you want me to learn something, plug my disk drive into your computer and download information into me.
    • As computers evolved and the need for faster access became a must for the business world, IBM invented the disk drive.
    • The process is demanding, since it must drill down through multiple layers between the application and the disk drive.
    • Additionally, we have a common public disk drive in the computer lab area of the library where people can save their data to pick up in the lab.
    • The lab assistants will also show users how to store data and retrieve it from the public disk drive.
    • In fact, the time it takes to restore an entire disk drive from an image can be measured in minutes.
    • The disk and tape complement each other because the disk drive is still more likely to encounter failure relative to tape.
    • A standard disk drive could not even hope to attempt this volume of accesses.
    • With the new drive a hard disk drive is now the most durable and rugged peripheral in the industry.