Traducción de dislodge en español:


sacar, v.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈlɑdʒ/ /dɪsˈlɒdʒ/

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verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (shift, remove)
    the wind dislodged some tiles el viento causó que se soltaran varias tejas
    • More of the same will make the champions very hard to dislodge.
    • Maximian, despite attempts including a lost naval battle in 289, could not immediately dislodge Carausius, who still held Boulogne in 293.
    • Their wins were not enough to dislodge Salman Al Khalifa from being crowned series champion.
    • He was a very hard man to dislodge.
    • Only a united front could ever dislodge them.
    • He was in charge of an engineer demolition squad attached to an infantry company which was committed to dislodge the enemy from a vital hill.
    • Massive airstrikes target a ridge early today, as coalition troops try to dislodge Iraqi forces.
    • The enemy quickly overran most of the South Vietnamese position, but not even a furious 5-hour assault could dislodge the Americans.
    • The Fine Gael men were both elected on the first count in 1999 and will be hard to dislodge.
    • In such a tightly managed duopoly partisan change is slow in coming, and then likely to be slow to dislodge.
    • It will be very hard to dislodge these amendments once they're in place.
    • The army and airforce were unable to dislodge them, particularly as they enjoyed popular support among the rural population.
    • Slowly and gradually they were dislodged from their position of power, prestige and glory.
    • He broke into the Dundee team at 20 and it took a transfer to Hearts to dislodge him.
    • But the urgency of the drive to dislodge the Iraqi leader largely flows from the threat that he will acquire nuclear weapons.
    • It cannot matter whether the damage was unintentional or done by our artillery or aircraft to dislodge the enemy or by the enemy to dislodge our troops.
    • Not only will he not go, but any attempt to dislodge him would certainly cause trouble to erupt in that beleaguered state again.
    • Keith Primeau is the No.2 center, unless newcomer Michal Handzus dislodges him.
    • Chomsky quotes him describing the Vietcong as " a powerful force which cannot be dislodged from its constituency so long as the constituency continues to exist ".
  • 2

    (drive out)
    (person/enemy/party) desplazar
    to dislodge sb from sth desplazar a algn de algo