Traducción de disloyal en español:


desleal, adj.

Pronunciación /ˌdɪsˈlɔɪ(ə)l/ /dɪsˈlɔɪ(ə)l/

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    to be disloyal to sb/sth ser desleal con / a algn/a algo
    • These boundaries determine who is in and out, pure and impure, and loyal and disloyal to the group ethos.
    • And it is not unpatriotic and not disloyal to dissent with the views of the President, or anyone else for that matter.
    • One may just be accused of being negative or even of being unpatriotic and disloyal to one's country.
    • Ambitious, treacherous, and disloyal to his elder brother Llywelyn, he allowed himself to be manipulated by English kings.
    • In this case, telling someone isn't being disloyal to your friend - it's sometimes necessary to break confidence to ensure a friend's well-being.
    • I have never been disloyal to him, because he has always done the business for me and Holland.
    • Officials are managing to shift the spotlight shift away from their failings, while the crew themselves are now being targeted as disloyal to a colleague who tried her hardest and came up short.
    • Armitage has been fighting for balance within the interagency process for some time - and for that is probably considered disloyal to the President.
    • A fellow journalist told me the other day that he admires Powell for making his disagreement clear without being publicly disloyal to the president.
    • But hiding a fantasy - the attraction to another woman - is like keeping a secret from his partner and it is this restriction of truth that seems so disloyal to me.
    • However, according to Clarin, the Argentine daily newspaper, Heany at one point did begin to feel disloyal to her country, which created some tension among the team.
    • I remember feeling disloyal to the country that had been my host for almost twelve months - the day before we had gone around in shorts and t-shirts and already it seemed like a dream.
    • Section 3 was justified by the fear that voters in one state or district might elect candidates who are disloyal to the country as a whole.
    • But his obsession with not wanting to be disloyal to the leader is hurting him vis- vis the other contenders on the ground game.
    • We might consider the way, in groups of three or more, how there's always the possibility of two people being disloyal to the gathering, and how to moderate that behaviour.
    • It would be understandable if she thought that expressing an interest in her biological roots might seem disloyal to her stepfather, the man she was always proud to call Dad.
    • He says it would be disloyal to all the Chelsea fans.
    • Sure they can do that - they are paying the employee, and it is stupid to keep feeding an employee who is disloyal to the company.
    • Few of you, because you agreed with her actions, thought about how she was disloyal to her employer.
    • They violate agreements and are disloyal to the treaties they have signed.