Translation of dismount in Spanish:


desmontar, v.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈmaʊnt/

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intransitive verb

  • 1

    he helped her to dismount la ayudó a desmontar
    • to dismount from a horse bajarse / apearse / desmontarse de un caballo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (engine/machine) desmontar
    • Because the unit sits within the wheel hub, there is no chance of damaging it when mounting or dismounting a tire, a potential problem with wheel-mounted tire pressure monitoring units.
    • Mounting and dismounting a bulky snow blade is difficult at best.
    • These are small but necessary details required when dismounting these weapons systems.
    • Staking it into place lakes only a moment and will also prevent inadvertent loss of the link and pin while the barrel is dismounted from the gun.
    • The interviews revealed only one incident when the crew dismounted the system.
    • Doors and windows can be repositioned as required and the entire unit can be dismounted and moved to another site.
    • Shut down equipment, turn off the engine, remove key and wait for moving parts to stop before dismounting equipment.
    • The LRAS3 also has the capability of being dismounted on a tripod and powered by batteries.
    • The VA does not hinder the radio from being dismounted and operated ‘jerk and run’ style as a handheld radio.
    • Scouts are able to dismount all of the surveillance equipment from the vehicle for use in an observation post or for training.
    • To truly learn the value of a sword, it must be dismounted and the nakago or tang inspected.
    • The missile and sights can be dismounted and used with the tripod if necessary.
    • These bags have to be either full or empty when hauled and cannot be easily dismounted and recovered.
  • 2

    • Cody, too, is dismounted; his horse, having stumbled in a hole, is shown rearing, perhaps owing to the rattle of gunfire.
    • Also, so many troops have been dismounted and sent on daily patrols that they had to do something.
    • Along the way, as you know, we've had a lot of rain here over those days, a number of the trucks got stuck in quagmires because they were going off road to get there, had to dismount some soldiers.
    • Using dismounts requires little more than stopping short of restrictive terrain or a templated enemy location, dropping the ramp, and dismounting your scouts.
    • A barbarian on cavalry tried to stab him with a spear but with no avail, Stephanus grabbed the spear dismounting the rider.
    • The first team to dismount one of the opposing team's penguins with a jousting lance is declared the winner.
    • After reaching the bank, Weatherford dismounted, checked his horse for injuries and rode away, unharmed.
    • We cover mounting and dismounting and controlling the horse using the reins.
    • I most certainly do not need help dismounting from a horse.
    • ‘She did, but I left her back in Cedars Crossing,’ he replied dismounting from his horse and speaking in a low tone.
    • The stable was finally within only a few yards and he reluctantly slowed his horse in preparation for dismounting.
    • He had trouble dismounting, putting the horse and equipment away, and then driving home.
    • We all reined in our horses, and Rowen dismounted.
    • Both riders reined in their horses and dismounted.
    • He dismounted and led his horse a few steps closer.
    • Jas immediately caught his horse, and Katie dismounted quickly.
    • He dismounts the bike and it extrudes its kickstand.
    • We pulled up to our first stop and dismounted our vehicles.
    • His team leader and his driver dismounted the vehicle and got on the opposite side of the vehicle, which was Mike's side of the vehicle.
    • We paused next to a clump of cactus, dismounted the camels, waited in vain for the small children.
    • The plane landed and we began to dismount the plane.
    • If this is happens to you, dismount your bike and walk through the area to avoid the risk of falls.
    • As Hecksel pulls in behind it, he dismounts the patrol car and again draws.
    • We dismounted the truck and headed into the door.
    • As he dismounted the carriage, Brecht surveyed the grounds.
    • He quoted a recent incident in which a person who used an elbow crutch was hurt while dismounting a bus and now had to use two crutches.