Traducción de disown en español:


renegar de, v.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈoʊn/ /dɪsˈəʊn/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    (child/friend/country/allegiance) renegar de
    (child/friend/country/allegiance) repudiar
    • One man was disowned by his family when he married a woman they didn't approve of.
    • About the same time his family disowned him and he was stripped of his Saudi citizenship.
    • Family members would disown you if they knew you watched it.
    • But lots of under-age girls believe their families will disown them if they find out they are pregnant, and most are wrong.
    • ‘If I did I would be disowning my family,’ she shuddered obviously thinking of the consequences.
    • Probably once Jessica was disowned from the family she was simultaneously fired from the job.
    • When he tried to bring a lawsuit against the clergy, his family disowned him.
    • To make it worse, my parents saw her as being below our family, so they disowned me the day I married her.
    • He lives with his uncle, a minor aristocrat who has blown everything except his title, and his wife, who has been disowned by her family.
    • I expected to be thrown out on the street, and to be disowned by my family.
    • My family will disown me upon hearing the news that I surrendered.
    • He's warned him that, if he gets involved in violent extremism, the family will disown him…
    • My family didn't disown us but they wouldn't come near us because he was there.
    • The trust of the disinherited was further shattered and disowned by the disingenuous attitude of the state.
    • In his sleep, without a word being spoken, he reaches out and says to me: Even if the whole world disowns you, you're still my big brother and I will always look up to you.
    • Yes, he disowns his mother and his wife attempted suicide as a result of being publicly slandered by him, but we also know how much he cares about his daughter.
    • Michael Wincott plays his brother who disowns him.
    • He infects his wife and disowns her for acquiring it.
    • In the latter, a meatpacker disowns his own brother for crossing the picket line.
    • Recently we have been told how he and Sophie were now shot of each other with residual bitterness on both sides, with her predictably now disowning all previous suggestions he was innocent of his drugs test or had drinks spiked.
  • 2

    (deny responsibility for)
    (intention/comment/signature/opinion) no reconocer como propio