Traducción de disparaging en español:


desdeñoso, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪˈspɛrɪdʒɪŋ/ /dɪˈsparɪdʒɪŋ/

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    (comment/attitude) desdeñoso
    (comment/attitude) despreciativo
    to be disparaging about sth/sb
    to be disparaging of sth/sb
    she was very disparaging about their efforts habló de sus intentos en tono desdeñoso / despreciativo
    • There is more than a tinge of sexism to the disparaging treatment of romantic novelists.
    • He even worked in a few disparaging remarks about the Pakistani team.
    • Then I heard them making slightly disparaging remarks about how they would be better at running than us.
    • First, disparaging reference to a teacher's advanced age is not at all consistent with Tibetan cultural norms.
    • The most disparaging effect of the high cost is on students with lower socioeconomic status.
    • These tongue-in-cheek observations are not intended to be disparaging.
    • He speaks in a booming voice and is insultingly deferential or disparaging towards women.
    • Arthur returned and gave his brother a disparaging look.
    • I am referring to a well-defined phenomenon with this term, which as such carries no disparaging connotation whatsoever.
    • Whilst Mark has chosen celebrity mania as a context for the story, he is not totally disparaging of its role in society.
    • Reynolds gave his approval, but John Constable was disparaging about their aesthetic value.
    • You will note that I have not said one disparaging thing about British food or its nutritional value.
    • For years there were always disparaging remarks about the fact that Rangers had won another title.
    • I don't want to say anything disparaging.
    • It was a general ruling that no member of Parliament was entitled to make disparaging remarks about any other member.
    • One morning, the police showed up with scissors and cut out a disparaging article about the Vietnamese government.
    • Sutherland's disparaging tone regarding the work of the valuer is both ill informed and unprofessional.
    • Disparaging exchanges between batters and plate umpires have always been part of baseball.
    • The marquis gave his friend a disparaging look and left the lodgings without another word.