Translation of dispassionate in Spanish:


desapasionado, adj.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈpæʃ(ə)nət/ /dɪsˈpaʃ(ə)nət/

Definition of desapasionado in Spanish


  • 1

    (statement/account/analysis) desapasionado
    (statement/account/analysis) objetivo
    (adjudication) imparcial
    (adjudication) ecuánime
    (onlooker) imparcial
    he remained dispassionate in the argument no se acaloró en la discusión
    • let's try and be dispassionate about it intentemos verlo de forma objetiva
    • That immediately drained the emotion out of everything; I became dispassionate, rational.
    • His unflappable dispassionate calm is an end in itself.
    • They wish to return to an atmosphere of mutual respect, which will permit rational and dispassionate debate.
    • It is not surprising that the decision was not as dispassionate and impartial as we might feel after 60 years.
    • How these professionals can remain dispassionate and impartial in their job I will never know.
    • Strong opinions are best served by cold dispassionate logic.
    • The advantage is that he will be able to take a more distant and dispassionate view of things and will be seen to be impartial.
    • The professional soldier is one who is cold, dispassionate and regretful in his duty when forced to kill.
    • But on the surface he remains calm, a dispassionate child observing his parents from the other side of an emotional gulf.
    • Will was calm and dispassionate in stating something that is demonstrably false.
    • He's a perfectionist who pushes himself, often in a cold, dispassionate way.
    • Don't look here for cool analysis or dispassionate reportage - Cohen is too angry for that.
    • People falsely assume that being dispassionate means being cold or indifferent.
    • They're able to go back now and take really deliberate, dispassionate views of the situation.
    • Instead, it comes across as a rather dispassionate account written by an author frightened of emotion.
    • While their style is sometimes cool and dispassionate, their sympathies are usually clear.
    • Instead we are given a cool, dispassionate demonstration of formal alternatives.
    • This is colder and more dispassionate, with a lead character who we're supposed to sympathise with, but who kills for a living.
    • There has been no open forum in which each side could present its case in a sober and dispassionate manner.
    • Her expression was pure tranquillity, so dispassionate and detached that she seemed to be in the depths of some daydream.