Translation of dispassionately in Spanish:


sin apasionamiento, adv.

Pronunciation /dɪsˈpæʃ(ə)nətli/ /dɪsˈpaʃ(ə)nətli/


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    sin apasionamiento
    • The tone of Nicholls' biography is dispassionately respectful, admiring even.
    • Each side is hell-bent on refuting the other's arguments, rather than examining them dispassionately.
    • First, let's consider the risks dispassionately.
    • But he knew he had never heard someone speak so dispassionately.
    • She is a consummate journalist - the facts are all here, and clearly and dispassionately explained.
    • So I try to approach possible conflicts dispassionately, removing the personal element.
    • The natural sciences, on the other hand, aim to understand nature objectively and dispassionately.
    • There is no reason to believe that the juror in question has received information which might undermine his ability to judge this case dispassionately.
    • Overall, Lewis presents his factual materials dispassionately and carefully.
    • Local politics is something they were devoting much of their lives to, yet they could be dispassionately analytical about this part of themselves.