Translation of dispatch box in Spanish:

dispatch box

valija ministerial, n.


  • 1

    valija ministerial feminine
    cartera ministerial feminine
    the minister spoke from the dispatch box el ministro habló desde la tribuna
    • Yet four days later the Prime Minister was at the Dispatch Box waving a dossier and making that claim no fewer than four times.
    • Part of Mr Cook's strength was his command at the Dispatch Box.
    • No wonder the word he used 15 times at the Dispatch Box last Wednesday was ‘judgment’.
    • Looking back, his passionate performances at the Dispatch Box and on television probably helped contain it.
    • Within the Lords, the junior ministers and their shadows, who were all women when I watched, perched rather fetchingly on the cushions in the centre of the chamber where the dispatch box should be.
    • The Chancellor's body language at the dispatch box, normally so affirmative and assured, seemed stiff and uncertain.
    • But Brown has earned the right to strut at the dispatch box.
    • He was at the dispatch box speaking on Wednesday when five pro-fox hunting protesters ran into the chamber after evading guards.
    • They know from his performance at the dispatch box that the Tory leader is a lot more dangerous than he looks.
    • Whenever he approaches the dispatch box in Parliament, even his enemies cringe.