Translation of dispel in Spanish:


disipar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈspɛl/ /dɪˈspɛl/

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transitive verb dispelling, dispelled, dispelled

  • 1

    (doubts/fear) disipar
    (doubts/fear) hacer desvanecer
    • Actually listening to the record does little to dispel these feelings of disappointment.
    • Such words dispelled any doubts, despair or lingering suspicions.
    • Perhaps it is actually a canny psychological technique for dispelling any last minute doubts.
    • Many analysts thought Standard was paying too high a premium for control of the bank in January, but these doubts could be dispelled by a positive update on its integration.
    • Such doubts should be dispelled as soon as possible.
    • If anyone was ever in doubt that Conway's was not a sports bar, the doubt would quickly be dispelled by a visit on match-day.
    • These dispelled any doubts I may still have had about my whereabouts.
    • Therefore, the public expected Ho to give the facts of the affair to dispel doubts after his release.
    • This win dispels any doubts that Boroughmuir, who stormed Division Two to regain their place in the top flight, will be able to survive in the Premiership next season.
    • If the heat pierces those thought bubbles first, then the grunting conveyor belt dispels the last doubts about what soil you stand on.
    • A triumphant and energetic return to work in the office dispels doubts about his masculinity.
    • The debutants dispelled any doubts about their right to start for Scotland and several older heads who have opted out of touring this summer might live to regret that decision.
    • Hendry's Brighton triumph dispelled any lingering doubts that he could perform without the piece of wood with which he won seven world titles.
    • But his doubts were dispelled by a blunt briefing from Australia's intelligence chiefs.
    • Much doubt could be dispelled by providing the test rig documentation.
    • But then you press play on the first disc, those opening chords crash in and all doubts are instantly dispelled.
    • Any doubts were soon dispelled almost as soon as the appeal began.
    • Barry Brennan made a welcome return and dispelled any doubts as to his ability to perform on the big stage.
    • Any lingering doubts were dispelled by their stunning live shows this year.
  • 2

    (fog) disipar