Translation of dispense in Spanish:


dar, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈspɛns/ /dɪˈspɛns/

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transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (grants/alms) dar
      (advice) ofrecer
      (advice) dar
      (criticism) hacer
      (favors) conceder
      • It's their job to dispense information effectively and accurately.
      • So they use the public sector not to provide services but to dispense patronage; they use trade protection to distribute favours.
      • Another thing, the purpose of this column is not to dispense medical information.
      • As they dispensed care and advice to them, they realized a much larger audience could benefit from their advice if they put it in writing.
      • University programs reported increased interest from potential candidates, providing an opportunity to dispense program information widely.
      • The 5 p.m. embargo gives the Pentagon plenty of time to dispense the information to Capitol Hill and other agencies.
      • We look to the media to dispense information to help us make our choices.
      • Mrs Canas said there was no one organisation to take responsibility for dispensing information and professionals assumed people already knew things.
      • One of the biggest problems during that disaster was getting and dispensing accurate information, especially in Topanga's isolated canyon enclaves.
      • So all you guys out there listen up, I am going to dispense this information to you all, free of charge.
      • Partly, I suspect, this is because many health campaigners dispense factual information devoid of social context.
      • Being educated to study the human body and being able to dispense care and get paid for it is a privilege, and the best doctors realize this.
      • And the doctor must be familiar with the issues that are important to young people and know how to draw out information and dispense advice without sounding preachy.
      • There is no central nursing station for gathering or dispensing information.
      • As we walk past snake after snake, Myers dispenses facts.
      • It also dispensed pastoral care to the white settlers.
      • The gravel-voiced bar-owner Phil dispenses drink and advice in about equal measure and is like a father figure to her.
      • Yet, she dispenses advice about marriage and childraising with no second thoughts.
      • A mine of information, Johnston also dispenses the type of wisdom not necessarily included in the book.

    • 1.2

      (machine) expender
      • Based on iris recognition technology, the machines will dispense cash, cinema tickets and postage stamps, and the company intends offering further applications including on-line shopping and bill payment.
      • The screen of the cash dispenser displays the ironic message, ‘We apologise for the inconvenience, but this machine does not dispense cash at the moment.’
      • Banks estimate that only 85% of ATM machines will be dispensing cash by the end of January 1.
      • The automated teller machine that dispenses cash and other banking transactions has become ubiquitous in many parts of the world.
      • Ask about the availability of cash dispensing machines in the area you are visiting.
      • Newry will be the first town in Northern Ireland to have a bank machine dispensing the new Euro banknotes when the currency comes into circulation in January 2002.
      • Customers buy credit on a smartcard, which they swipe when they want to try a wine, and the machine dispenses it.
      • An antiquated water fountain and a battered Coke machine dispensed beverages on hot days.
      • This machine can only dispense a maximum of £400.00.
      • Up to 200 of the country's 2,250 ‘hole in the wall’ cash dispensing machines have run out of cash.
      • Look for ATM-like machines dispensing DVDs to pop up across the U.S. this year.
      • A pharmacist at a remote 24-hour location will pop up on a screen and consult with the patient before a machine dispenses the drugs.
      • She contained a smile and walked over to the food dispensing machine.
      • There's a coin-operated machine that dispenses holy water, a battery, and a steam engine.
      • Well, I've still never seen any on the Tube myself but on Saturday I saw my first ever umbrella dispensing machine at Windsor Central station.
      • He suggested a ticket dispensing machine at the car park.
      • After my money was dispensed from the machine, I grabbed the receipt and started walking off, when I noticed that the ATM had spat out a second piece of paper.
      • They enquired where was the machine that dispensed the parking discs.
      • Water and soap were dispensed from a machine incorporating a sink and resembling a coffee dispenser, which also had a hot air dryer.
      • To suit varying demands, some machines have facilities to dispense a half-cup for customers who prefer to linger over a tea for a long time.

  • 2

    (drugs/prescription) despachar
    (drugs/prescription) preparar
    • There is still the image that chemists simply dispense medicine after a visit to the doctor.
    • Saudi chemists dispense medicine only in packets.
    • But there are also huge savings available from legitimate Canadian pharmacies dispensing quality medicines.
    • These all depended on hand cutting and rolling of the pills, usually done by the druggist who dispensed the medicine.
    • When the pharmacist dispenses your medicine, you have another opportunity to clarify information or to ask other questions.
    • The Act also prevents doctors from dispensing medicines without a new, costly and scarce licence which is supposed to be restricted to those who are more than five kilometres from a pharmacy.
    • There are also a large number of mobile dispensaries and clinics where doctors are busy dispensing medicines to pilgrims.
    • The figures exclude prescriptions that were dispensed by hospital pharmacies and medicines purchased over the counter.
    • Doctors without licences would have to stop dispensing medicine from today, or run foul of the law.
    • My primary role is as a pharmacist dispensing prescriptions and selling medicines with advice and counselling but I am the manager of the staff that work here and do everything that's involved in running a business.
    • Electronic prescribing is common in America, with some internet chemists dispensing thousands of medicines an hour.
    • This is different from our traditional role of training students to dispense medicines.
    • Megan started work in the pharmacy, dispensing medicine and travelling with the mobile medical team as they visited outlying villages.
    • Will it be considered a pharmaceutical product that requires a prescription and will be dispensed by a pharmacy or will it be available directly to physicians via the laboratory?
    • Such medicines may only be dispensed under a prescription, made usually only by a medical practitioner or dentist.
    • It has been alleged though that the decision to restrict private nurses from dispensing medicine came from private doctors who thought that many patients are flocking to the private clinics.
    • Already, four states allow doctors to give pharmacists standing prescriptions to dispense the pills.
    • Relaxation of rules governing the opening of pharmacies could see supermarkets become a major force in dispensing medicines.
    • Often the doctor (almost always a man) would dispense the necessary medicine himself!
    • An angry pharmacist says Government moves to allow supermarket chains to provide dispensing services may destroy the community.
  • 3

    (justice) administrar
  • 4 formal

    to dispense sb from sth dispensar / eximir a algn de algo
    • Diocesan bishops can dispense men from the obligations that go with the diaconate and suspend priests from the exercise of their order for a long or short period, but only the bishop of Rome can expel them from the priesthood.
    • The designated cardinal however can petition the pope to dispense him from this requirement.
    • Leo X gave as the reason for dispensing him from some of the requirements of canon law the expectation that as a native bishop he would be more effective in promoting the faith among his people.