Traducción de dispirited en español:


desanimado, adj.

Pronunciación /dəˈspɪrədəd/ /dɪˈspɪrɪtɪd/

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  • 1

    (person) desanimado
    (person) alicaído
    (person) abatido
    (expression) de desaliento
    (expression) de abatimiento
    to become dispirited desanimarse
    • On an island in the middle of the pond, cormorants hunch like dispirited monks.
    • I take objection to being grouped in with the dispirited parents.
    • Activists who have fought land rights battles inspired by the Constitution are a weary, dispirited lot.
    • The cast members are illiterate, dispirited convicts with a leading lady who is about to be hanged.
    • They are more dispirited today than they have been in years.
    • Any bars that are still left standing have dispirited serving girls.
    • This was a blow from which the already dispirited Newman never fully recovered.
    • Handed a dispirited, defeated force, he instilled into it the will to win.
    • Trojans put their recent woes behind them as they brushed aside a dispirited Beckwithshaw side.
    • I realized how our leadership brings forth mediocre organizations and dispirited people.
    • He reached the edge of the penalty area and the dispirited Croatia defence opened up for him.
    • The public, after a dispirited delay, revolted.
    • An aging and dispirited workforce cannot continue under the stress much longer.
    • The ragged and dispirited Americans made camp at Valley Forge.
    • He took a broken and dispirited fleet and turned it quickly into the force that would win the Pacific theater.
    • An outsider could immediately sense the dispirited pessimism that overtook Azariya.
    • Some dispirited broadcasters left radio and television altogether.
    • The bosses of the leather-curing establishments he met were by and large a dispirited lot.
    • Demoralising idleness and the humiliation of charity or relief work left the unemployed dispirited, apathetic, or divided.
    • Behind in races, he would find himself becoming dispirited and not fighting as hard as he should.