Translation of dispiriting in Spanish:


desalentador, adj.

Pronunciation /dəˈspɪrədɪŋ/ /dɪˈspɪrɪtɪŋ/


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    • The Marriage Movement recently got hit with some dispiriting news.
    • No doubt taking up intelligent design is a dispiriting business.
    • The Leeds defenders who played were subjected to a dispiriting ordeal.
    • A paltry 12,000 paid to watch the dispiriting sight.
    • Their departure brought a dispiriting end to their heady arrival in Baghdad two weeks ago.
    • Among the pleasures of this rather dispiriting collection are Chandler's verdicts on his fellow writers.
    • Such a dispiriting fate should not befall Lawrie on this occasion.
    • Consider the dispiriting view that everybody always acts out of their own self-interest.
    • Under these dispiriting circumstances, the few voices calling for toleration were accorded increased attention.
    • The dispiriting fact is that no negotiated two-state agreement is likely in the near future.
    • There was more dispiriting news yesterday for Russia.
    • A number of dispiriting things have happened recently.
    • For Campbell, the past few months have seen a rebirth, after a dispiriting struggle in America with a shoulder injury.
    • Economically, we were on the cusp of a new and dispiriting era.
    • The exchange of ideas and information becomes a battle of wills, a futile and dispiriting activity.
    • This must be one of the most dispiriting exhortations ever issued by a political leader.
    • This made a dispiriting start to the evening, which is something one doesn't often say about Balanchine.
    • For a year and a half, you did that dispiriting, desperate drudgery.
    • A dispiriting run without a league win in September and October was broken by a win at Liverpool in November.
    • The really dispiriting part of this whole show is that the best work, Third Eye, was unsold when we visited.