Translation of dispose in Spanish:


predisponer, v.

Pronunciation /dəˈspoʊz/ /dɪˈspəʊz/

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transitive verb

  • 1 formal

    this does not dispose me to like her esto no me predispone a su favor
    • Their positions within these new institutions may have disposed them to promote commercial values and made them willing to support the industrial and modernizing social order.
    • They ease the atmosphere around two people and kindly dispose people to each other.
    • Natural law theory held the world to consist of a variety of beings and objects whose essence disposed them toward the fulfillment of higher purposes.
    • Yet some also reflects on the Scottish audiences so much of his work addressed, and on the history which so disposed them towards it.
    • The first process, self-selection, was created by internal motivational states and/or external incentives that disposed some people to volunteer for treatment.
  • 2 formal

    • 2.1(arrange)

      disponer formal
      • RyRs are disposed in a tetragonal arrangement, and groups of four DHPRs, or tetrads, are associated with alternate RyRs, forming a related array.
      • Nor did he put the figures on display in a frontally disposed arrangement.
      • The base portions are disposed in a matrix arrangement having rows and columns.
      • Nor, fifthly, would it yield his inquiry more satisfaction, to be answered, that there existed in things a principle of order, which had disposed the parts of the watch into their present form and situation.
      • Each of the boards was sunk into the PDMS at rates controlled by a range of symmetrically disposed weights.
      • A pin array is connectively disposed between a surface region of a heat sink and a surface region of an entity to be cooled.
      • Both proteins are disposed as strings of beads arranged along long pitch longitudinal helices, but the strings of beads for the two proteins are on separate stripes of membrane.
      • The measuring device is disposed between two magnets that are positioned at a distance from one another.
      • We told people not to use running streams or rivers as toilet facilities because if the bacteria that carries cholera is disposed in water it grows and spreads faster.
      • More often than not, offensive operations did not consist in digging continuous trench positions and zones disposed in depth.
      • Recently, I went to a soccer game in my city on behalf of a newspaper; the fans of the opposing teams had to be separated by hundreds of policemen, disposed in military fashion.
      • The ‘welcome’ signs, artfully disposed, make it clear that hospitality is merely an allusive flavor; they are in no wise meant to be taken literally.
      • A first planar electrode layer being transparent is disposed on an inner surface of the first substrate.
      • A fine particle of metal is disposed on a semiconductor substrate.
      • Word lines are disposed in parallel, and the main bit line and the ground line cross the word lines.
      • This block is more frontally disposed, formally clear, and attuned to the wide space in front of the complex than anything already there.
      • There are two dining rooms, both tightly packed, both with mottled greyish-green walls and bizarrely disposed lumps of varnished pine.
      • At this time his work was purely abstract, featuring geometrically disposed bars and rectangles in a style close to Mondrian and van Doesburg.

    • 2.2(determine)

      • The Pentagon proposes, the press disposes - albeit within softer confines than prevailed in the Gulf War.
      • There are a whole lot of proposals, but it is really the Congress that disposes.
      • The generals may propose, but H5N1 will dispose.
      • People propose, cops dispose.