Traducción de dispossess en español:


Pronunciación /ˌdɪspəˈzɛs/ /dɪspəˈzɛs/

verbo transitivo

  • 1

    to dispossess sb of sth formal desposeer / despojar a algn de algo
    • Certainly neither I, nor as far as I know any of my ancestors, ever dispossessed anyone of their land, language or self-esteem or prevented anyone being educated.
    • This should entail allocating large tracts of unused state land to landless and dispossessed people.
    • Indeed this social breakdown afflicts with equal vehemence those Aboriginal peoples who have never been dispossessed of their lands and who retain their classical traditions, cultures and languages.
    • The community claims to have been dispossessed of the land, about 80 km north of Pretoria, around 1917 under racially discriminatory laws.
    • Future decades saw the clan being systematically dispossessed of their land under apartheid laws until they became completely landless in the 1970's.
    • The workers were mainly peasants who have been dispossessed of their land and forced to go to major cities to find work.
    • Some say that it would be cruel to dispossess these people of the only means of making money that they have.
    • Arnold has no time for the western powers which trumpet about democracy because white farmers are dispossessed of the land that their forefathers stole from Africans.
    • As the new 20th century approached, Mary Jones was an aging, poor, widowed Irish immigrant, nearly as dispossessed as an American could be.
    • It is predicated on sustaining a racist state-organization into the future, forever surrounded by those it has dispossessed and humiliated.
    • Those dispossessed in these savage deportations have long since resettled, and no serious movement demands their return home.
    • They are shunned, broken, dispossessed, and live a bleak, furtive life of agonizing loneliness.
    • He tends to celebrate characters that have been outcast by society, dispossessed, or had a run of hard luck.
    • As specified by deprivation theory, people who feel powerless and dispossessed are especially likely to look to religion for compensation.
    • The disconnected and dispossessed, like Mason, are left to take care of their body and not expect any ‘consumption’ beyond simple nourishment and promises.
    • This time he is actively hated by the leaders of the dispossessed to whom he professes his allegiance.
    • One yearns for a strong third party which can become the voice of the economically and politically dispossessed.
    • It's for a local charity dealing with soup-kitchens, the homeless, and disowned and dispossessed around the area.
    • Progressives should ask why the vote no longer provides the dispossessed with the same power.