Translation of disproportionately in Spanish:


desproporcionadamente, adv.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsprəˈpɔrʃ(ə)nətli/ /ˌdɪsprəˈpɔːʃ(ə)nətli/


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    • The problem disproportionately affects the developing world, the report said.
    • Large and medium companies in the genres of ballet and modern dance are disproportionately well represented by this data.
    • Science plays a disproportionately large role in the government's thinking on GM crops.
    • Insufficient health insurance disproportionately affects women.
    • Britain leads Europe in call centre jobs, with Scotland doing disproportionately well.
    • Final Salary schemes are also disproportionately weighted by gender.
    • But she felt question six was disproportionately long and contained a few awkward parts.
    • Smokers do afterall contribute very heavily to the taxation revenue of this country and disproportionately so.
    • In the developing countries of Asia, the elderly are consistently and disproportionately among the poorest of the poor.
    • Locals maintain that property prices are disproportionately high compared with local incomes, and that locals will be squeezed out.