Traducción de disquieting en español:


inquietante, adj.

Pronunciación /dɪsˈkwaɪədɪŋ/ /dɪsˈkwʌɪətɪŋ/

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    • Once inside, he experiences a series of disquieting encounters, culminating in a hideous banquet.
    • This is a disquieting book with a disturbing message.
    • A disquieting and disturbing aspect of the case was that the accused had become an arrestee, detainee and confessor of a crime before he was a suspect.
    • Corresponding to the interminability of public arguments there is at least the appearance of a disquieting private arbitrariness.
    • The danger when you edit something too severely is that it no longer makes sense; worse still, it leaves people with the disquieting impression that something is being hidden.
    • It is an account in which pain and laughter, happiness and despair come together in a disquieting mix through which a strange and lovely child strides and screams, locked into his own unreachable world.
    • For someone with such resolute political aims - namely, shedding light on disquieting social inequities - Ken Currie is a remarkably subtle painter.
    • While his fiction isn't particularly original, he does understand language - its disquieting rhythms and subtle undercurrents - and his music.
    • He also notes that most Nationalists are seemingly oblivious to the disquieting effects their particular pitch for unification has on Unionists at large.
    • Not going anywhere roots you, but also forces inward any sense of strangeness you might carry and keeps it at a disquieting distance from the apparent realities of your life.
    • Not many science-fiction authors can spin off a great first chapter which is gives you a disquieting, grim gradual revelation of being in a completely alien environment.
    • Although I am unsure as to why Pule's pieces are so violent looking it has to be said that the disquieting imagery of the blood red clouds make his pieces the most powerful in the exhibition.
    • Late last month, the prolific historian had said in a Senate hearing that his examination of school history textbooks had shown a disquieting trend.
    • For these folks. triumph is disquieting and unseemly, especially when it is personified by a middle-aged white male who is not ashamed of it.
    • Similarly, it's hard to think of another artist whose between-song demeanour contrasts so dramatically with the disquieting manner of her songs.
    • It's a disquieting, impressive exhibit, and so thoroughly creepy that afterwards, we REALLY needed a drink.
    • What's more, Cardenas has more than once demonstrated a disquieting willingness to play the race card to further his ambitions.
    • Last weekend in particular there were disquieting reports in several newspapers of a rift opening up between the British and Irish governments.
    • A whistle-stop tour of the world makes disquieting reading.
    • You must remember that I come from an essentially feudal country - and there are few things more disquieting than a feudal peace.