Translation of disregard in Spanish:


ignorar, v.

Pronunciation /ˌdɪsrəˈɡɑrd/ /dɪsrɪˈɡɑːd/

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transitive verb

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    (danger/difficulty) ignorar
    (danger/difficulty) despreciar
    (advice/wishes) hacer caso omiso de
    (advice/wishes) no prestar atención a
    (feelings) no tomar en cuenta
    (feelings) no tener en cuenta
    please disregard my son's rudeness le pido que no tome / tenga en cuenta la grosería de mi hijo
    • they disregarded his criminal past and gave him the job no tuvieron en cuenta / en consideración sus antecedentes penales y le dieron el puesto
    • If another has been harmed as a result of your sin, then ignoring or disregarding this will certainly hurt the effectiveness of the prayer.
    • He brushes aside all allegations of disregarding the sentiments of the legendary fighter's family.
    • Jamie disregarded Dougal with a shrug and pushed on the golden rod to the door.
    • Hypothyroidism develops slowly, so early symptoms tend to be disregarded as something that will pass.
    • Seems the judges either disregarded the referee's order or ignored it which is pretty much the same.
    • Which was what I was doing now, ignoring the honks and shouts of people as I disregarded the green and red walk signs.
    • In the discussion over the turn of the Millennium, disregarding the finer point of exactly when that may be, I heard one startling comparison.
    • You know, he embarrassed the country and the military by disregarding the abuses that were made on prisoners.
    • We believe that any solution to the problem of our people disregarding the problem of self-determination cannot work.
    • My question is: are we justified in disregarding his wishes?
    • Rivenhall residents have gained a victory after protesting that the Highways Agency was disregarding their safety
    • Has the trust decided to sell both sites to developers and solve the budget problem, disregarding the enormous cost to local health provision?
    • So, disregarding a few issues, Greene can do little wrong.
    • This insensitivity must include disregarding the garbage that is thrown anywhere and everywhere on many a city street.
    • Unfortunately men often suffer in silence, disregarding the symptoms of a potentially serious condition.
    • I wasn't saying that it's a case of completely disregarding the arguments of people with a differing viewpoint.
    • The people of this country need and deserve a local and national government that will listen to the people instead of disregarding them on every issue.
    • Left alone and disregarding danger, mindful of her pledged devotion to her true friend, the redeemed sinner sat steadfast at the tomb.
    • Using disproportionate force and disregarding civilian casualties were his ideas.
    • The solution, according to them, lies in disregarding the disability rather than recognising it.


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    disregard for sth/sb indiferenciahacia algo/algn
    • Their negligence and arrogant disregard for facts will put lives at risk.
    • Not that I object to the use per se, but that there is a carelessness that borders on disregard for the actual content.
    • Yet their lust for money and callous disregard for humanity blinded them.
    • And then, there is his complete disregard for the five-star etiquette of everyone around us.
    • I know he is an engineer but such disregard for gravity is weird.
    • It is this flagrant disregard for human rights and international laws which so angers people.
    • This total disregard for the Wiltshire farming community, unfortunately, is only one part of the picture.
    • So the old Leftist disregard for the best interests of the whole persists.
    • We must put a stop to this reckless disregard for our national interest and we need to do so quickly.
    • In addition, the major cause of these accidents is not speed but the total disregard for traffic laws.
    • His callous disregard for the priest also showed itself in his subsequent failure to discover whether he was dead or alive.
    • Supreme courage coupled with disregard for self is not often seen but when it appears it must surely be the finest human virtue of all.
    • To push on with the reclamation shows open disregard for these international agreements.
    • This involves the prevailing sense of disregard for life at the fetal stage on the part of legislators.
    • This disregard for the will of the people could not be allowed to continue.
    • What is it about this type of headgear, that usually heralds bad behaviour and total disregard for the safety of others.
    • The most serious evidence of this disregard for content is the movie itself.
    • But they did so with such disregard for the logistics of the whole that it rapidly proved unmanageable.
    • How dare they show such callous disregard for all the above points?
    • This encourages a lot of pushing, shoving and general disregard for other passengers.